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Important information from the super administrators.
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Server Updated
02-02-2016 04:25 PM
by Jeff Scott
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Information regarding changes to the servers.
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Update #329
Yesterday 02:04 AM
by Pluto

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General Discussion
For discussions that are not related to Roleplay.
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Can someon record me a vi...
Today 02:05 AM
by Mindflayer
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Suggest things for the community here.
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List of Suggestions/Overh...
Today 03:22 AM
by Spade Slick
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Introductions and Leaving
Introduce yourself here, or say your goodbyes.
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Probably I will leave and...
Today 04:09 AM
by Death
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Other Games
Discussions about games not related to roleplay go here.
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Today 02:14 AM
by Mindflayer
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Off The Wall
Forum games, pointless posts, or anything that does not fit elsewhere.
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Keeb shits himself over s...
Yesterday 02:20 PM
by Mr. Yiffy

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General Discussion
Discuss anything related to the Roleplay server here.
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Divrp Best Quotes
Yesterday 09:35 PM
by Moe Lester
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Report bugs, glitches, or Lua errors here.
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Name Glitch
Yesterday 11:02 PM
by Legacy
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For organization threads (Recruiting, introductions, etc.)
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Chinese characteristics S...
02-05-2016 02:53 PM
by Fluffay
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Meant for questions that need to be asked about certain rules/RP situations.
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Perma Banning
02-04-2016 10:15 AM
by Bublacok

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Player Reports
Report rule-breakers here.
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Russian Husky - Scamming
Yesterday 08:42 PM
by Kaz
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Ban Appeals
Appeal a ban here.
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Ban Appeal
Today 02:19 AM
by Pluto
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Staff Applications
Apply for a staff position here.
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[679] shrimp meet's moder...
Yesterday 07:47 PM
by Jake Twinkletoes

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