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Important information from the super administrators.
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Map Update + New Rules
08-15-2019 07:01 PM
by Phillip
Forum Contains New Posts
Information regarding changes to the servers.
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Update #920
08-18-2019 12:29 PM
by Legacy
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Roleplay events that are conducted on our server.
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[EVENT] Labyrinthian Esca...
08-18-2019 09:40 AM
by Legacy

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General Discussion
For discussions that are not related to Roleplay.
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TTT server?
08-12-2019 06:00 PM
by Pizza Jaden
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Suggest things for the community here.
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Chocolate Milk(Nigga Milk...
08-18-2019 11:07 AM
by Pizza Jaden
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Introductions and Leaving
Introduce yourself here, or say your goodbyes.
1,556 Threads
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Uhh, Bye.
Today 07:14 AM
by Phillip
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Other Games
Discussions about games not related to roleplay go here.
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Friday The 13th: The Game
Yesterday 06:45 PM
by Hanson
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Off The Wall
Forum games, pointless posts, or anything that does not fit elsewhere.
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Soul Stone
Yesterday 08:55 PM
by A duck with a dream

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Roleplay Discussion
Discuss anything related to the Roleplay server here.
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Health Buffs
Today 06:21 AM
by Phillip
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Put dupes you have made for the server here.
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Farewell Gift: Gunners Le...
07-30-2019 11:04 PM
by OoGaBooGaMan
Forum Contains New Posts
For information and advice regarding the server.
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The Real REAL damage valu...
08-18-2019 09:03 PM
by Jaysea
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Report bugs, glitches, or Lua errors here.
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Radio Bug
08-15-2019 01:25 PM
by Liljay
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For organization threads (Recruiting, introductions, etc.)
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lertons (serious org)
Today 10:01 AM
by Keebs
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Meant for questions that need to be asked about certain rules/RP situations.
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RP Door clarification
08-16-2019 06:45 PM
by Jaysea

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Player Reports
Report rule-breakers here.
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Satan, propminging, RDM
08-11-2019 06:58 PM
by Legacy
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Ban Appeals
Appeal a ban here.
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Phillip is upset because ...
08-13-2019 03:37 PM
by Legacy
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Staff Applications
Apply for a staff position here.
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I would like to be an Adm...
Yesterday 01:57 PM
by Keebs

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