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Date Player Reason Length (Minutes) Admin
8/20/19 7:36 PM CST lovableduckling (STEAM_0:0:179500800) Rdm 3x l ltap 5760 FryLord
8/16/19 10:07 PM CST Bread Shooter #2. (STEAM_0:1:512143457) Rdming l Minge 4320 Frylord
8/16/19 3:46 PM CST Sheron Kyer (STEAM_0:0:443248217) Rdm l ltap l Please read the rules next time you are on div 1440 Frylord
8/15/19 10:25 PM CST bill clinton (STEAM_0:1:34009912) Rdming with his 2 buds 4320 Frylord
8/15/19 10:23 PM CST Cummer (STEAM_0:0:88290306) Rdming l was told to stop 4320 Frylord
8/15/19 10:22 PM CST johanna JOHANNA (STEAM_0:1:61239679) Rdming l changing names to avoid staff 4320 Frylord
8/15/19 6:03 PM CST ash (STEAM_0:0:504821355) Rdm 2x l Ltap 4320 Frylord
8/11/19 10:32 PM CST Glen Chalk (STEAM_0:1:63689372) Rdming l lying l ltap 5760 FryLord
8/11/19 10:31 PM CST Steff Swayze (STEAM_0:0:145579407) lying l toxic l rdming 5760 FryLord
8/11/19 10:27 PM CST Chantal Annson (STEAM_0:0:90534464) Rdming with friends l lying l ltap 4320 FryLord
8/11/19 10:17 PM CST Sergio Sunderland (STEAM_0:1:72630614) Mass rdm l minge 5760 FryLord
8/11/19 7:53 PM CST Steff Villa (STEAM_0:1:192744349) rdm 2x l ltap l 2 day ban 2880 FryLord
8/11/19 7:37 PM CST Berta Rodiguez (STEAM_0:1:89689934) Rdming l was told to stop l 3 day ban 4320 FryLord
8/11/19 7:36 PM CST Kirstin Leatherwood (STEAM_0:0:140393260) rdming l rdm in sit l read the !motd upon rejoin 2880 FryLord
8/01/19 6:30 PM CST Chantal Joan (STEAM_0:0:138712011) Rdm l ltap 2880 FryLord
7/28/19 6:32 PM CST Ben Shapiro (STEAM_0:0:68441011) Rdming l lying to staff l 5 day ban 7200 FryLord
7/24/19 2:21 PM CST gary (STEAM_0:0:180035432) Rdm 2x l Being toxic in sit l ltap l 8pos for rdm l you need to chill out man its just a game 7200 FryLord
7/23/19 9:20 PM CST joe momma (STEAM_0:1:508826835) Rdm 2x l lying to staff l read the rules next time pal 4320 FryLord
7/23/19 7:32 PM CST Weston Gullatt (STEAM_0:0:506428178) Rdm then ltap l please read the rules upon rejoin 1440 FryLord
7/23/19 7:08 PM CST Tyler The Creator (STEAM_0:0:64500707) Rdm and then ltap l was told to stop l please read the rules next time igor 1440 FryLord

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