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1/12/19 12:22 AM CST Sgua the Duck (STEAM_0:1:36703022) no 1 Dogey McDogeFace
12/04/18 8:51 PM CST Sgua the Duck (STEAM_0:1:36703022) purge the ducks | also ur korean crushes are gay lmfao 9 Dogey McDogeFace
10/19/18 11:21 PM CST Sgua the Duck (STEAM_0:1:36703022) cant even afford a fridge how black do you have to be to not afford a fridge? 1 Legacy the Duck
6/24/18 11:36 PM CST Sgua the Duck (STEAM_0:1:36703022) Probably still plays with Lego, Megabloks are better lmao 1 Dogey McDogeFace