Random Deathmatch
  • Killing without RP relation.
  • If you perceive someone as a threat to you, you may engage them. You must still have a valid RP reason.
  • Must give a warning in text in situations that are not immediately threatening.
    You must wait 10 seconds to act on that warning.
  • You do not remember anything that happened in your former life.
  • Must wait 3 minutes before returning to your location of death.
  • You can not interact with anyone that was involved in your death in your previous life.
  • Cops may not defend the nexus while under NLR if they have died inside.
NLR Exceptions
  • You are being raided, and you wait out your 3 minutes and they are still there, then you may defend it.
  • People are raiding the nexus and as a CP you wait 3 minutes and respond to raiders.
  • Pursuing a person on the hit list after 3 minutes.
  • You are still building, then you may return to continue building.
  • After raiding a base, failed or successful, you should attempt to find other targets to raid. Do not only raid one target continuously.
  • Acting on information your character does not know of, or using OOC elements in-character.
  • Using your keyboard to operate base defenses and entrances.
  • Talking over a VOIP service to communicate with people about In-Character information.
  • Seeing entities, weapons, explosions, or flames through a wall.
  • Using information you received out of character in-character.
Prop Minging
  • Prop Blocking
  • Prop Surfing
  • Prop Climbing
  • Prop Launching
  • Spamming Props
  • Prop Clipping
  • Prop Killing
  • Building In Spawn
  • Invisible Props
  • Spawning Props in someone's base.
  • Spawning props during a raid.
  • Check raiding chart for specific raiding restrictions (/raid).
  • You do not have to advert your crimes.
  • Do not demote for server rules, if a staff member is on.
  • Do not demote someone because you do not like them.
  • Do not demote CP for wielding BMI.
  • Pitch black defenses or confusing materials are not permitted for defenses.
  • Double jump entrances and/or defenses are not permitted.
  • Mazes are not permitted.
  • Elevators should only be used aesthetically and not in bases as a defense. (Can be used freely if structure/base doesn't have raidables.)
  • Kill on sight textscreens or lines are not permitted.
  • Headshot killboxes are not allowed.
  • Sky bases may not have raidables.
  • Can not build outside the map or on roofs.
Fading Door (Keypad and Button)
  • Keypads need to be near or on the door obvious to which door it operates.
  • No fake or misleading keypads.
  • Maximum of 2 fading doors for defenses per base.
  • Buttons may not be used for base defenses/entrances.
  • Vendor booths may not share the same space as a base entrance/defense.
  • Aesthetic doors to a base operated by buttons are permitted.
  • Max of 2 fading doors and 2 tool doors for hobo bases.
  • Max of 2 tool doors per structure for hobo town.
  • Only performed by anarchists, thugs, gangsters, or mob boss.
  • Amount can not exceed $500.
  • Can not be done to hobos.
  • Victim must be given 10 seconds to comply.
  • You must have a typed warning.
  • You can not chain mug the same player.
Hostage Taking
  • Only performed by anarchists, thugs, gangsters, or mob boss.
  • Must be a fading door with keypads on both sides, if the hostage is trapped.
  • Ransom amount can not exceed $5000.
  • You can not demand money from the hostage.
RP Relation
  • Same Gang/Police and Mayor/Pimp and Prostitutes
  • Own or Co-own the same shop, house, or base gives you the right to defend it.
  • Ownership of buildings give you the right to defend inside and nearby the building.
  • Hired or working with. (Job name)
  • Same Organization (Situation Dependent)
  • Customer Relation (Situation Dependent)
  • Same custom /job suffix or prefix.
  • Need to have defined RP relation to interact with others.
  • Do not scam other players.
  • Do not bait cops. Baiting cops is intentionally doing illegal acts in order to get their attention, so a chase , or gun fight will ensue.
  • Do not self-supply. (Going a vendor class just to supply yourselfor friends with items for your/their benefit.
  • Abide by a job's rules and description.
  • Whoever owns a door to a base first has the right to the rest of the doors for that base.
  • Only the chief and mayor can make defenses in the nexus, but can not block off nexus doors. Decorations from other classes is fine.)
  • Do not steal from your organization's vault.