1. Do not communicatively attack other players.

2. Do not Random Deathmatch (RDM). Random deathmatch is where you kill someone or multiple people for no reason.

3. Follow New Life Rule (NLR). You do not remember anything that happened in your former life. You can not return to where you died or interact with people in the area you died in for 3 minutes.

4. Do not Metagame. Metagaming is acting on information your character does not know of, or using OOC elements in-character such as using your keyboard to open fading doors.

5. Prop mingery is not allowed. Prop minging consists of prop blocking, prop surfing, prop climbing, prop launching, spamming props, prop clipping, prop killing, building in spawn, invisible props, spawning props in someone's base, and spawning props during a raid.

6. Abide by your job's rules and description.

7. You can only raid as certain classes. (Specified here) Once your objective is complete, do not take over.

8. If someone is not doing their job demote them; however, do not random demote. If there is a staff member on, do not demote for server rules.

9. Regarding fading doors with keypads or buttons. They need to be near or on the door obvious to which door it operates, there can not be fakes, and there is a maximum of two fading doors for defenses.

10. Base defenses should have ease of access and be obvious to how they operate.

11. Do not spam entities. (Props, shipments, etc)

There is also guidelines that clarify the rules here.
You may also find other rules and questions here.