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06-18-2017, 08:48 PM
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Your rp name: Colossal
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:117851889

Their rp name: Mr. Spooky/ Penny Pizza/ Autismo the Great
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:62039309

What happened:

So there was a hit on the mayor. I go to the nexus to raid the mayor. Luckily people are already trying to raid the mayor so they let me in. They also have heroin which was perfect. While raiding the mayor, the hit for him ran out. So I thought I might as well watch the raid to see if they would win. They did.

Since I didn't kill the mayor, I went to try out for mayor. And won, after a few minutes I get teleported by Mr. Spooky. He ask me why I was raiding without a hit. I said " I wasn't raiding but just trespassing." He responds by saying "You were shooting at me" (I didn't even see him the whole time I was in the nexus.) Also pretty sure shooting at a wall after he died doesn't count as raiding either.

He kind of rushed the sit, which made me panic a little. So thats why my reason changed a bit through the sit. 

To warp up what happened: I go inside the nexus to raid, gets off the hitlist, spectates the raid(trespassing only.) I get mayor, then get taken to a sit then he kicks me.

Some things to note:

My Logs: http://imgur.com/a/EK1iH

His Logs: (Couldn't get them, Will put them here as soon as I can   https://imgur.com/a/4OhRF)

If you have any questions while looking at mine or his player events, ask me.
(Most of the request I were asking for were for ooc reasons only.)

Honestly, I'm pretty certain this will get denied but, I just want some things to get cleared up. If I get an understandable reason from spooky, I'll request the report to be denied. I think he might of just been mad a little that he died as mayor, but I'm not gonna start assuming shit. If anything else is brought up that makes since, I'll request for this to be denied too.

06-18-2017, 08:54 PM
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Didn't read report, will read later.

Clean logs: http://imgur.com/a/4OhRF

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06-18-2017, 09:19 PM
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Spooky does look in the wrong here.
Albeit, I would like to see Spooky's perspective on the issue.

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06-18-2017, 09:51 PM
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I mean you even said you were raiding in this report so why lie there?

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06-18-2017, 10:03 PM
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You were raiding and even admitted in the sit that you were shooting at me but didn't hit me it's even in the posted logs. Why the blatant lying? You literally tried to enter my killbox shooting, not "shooting at a wall" and then your mates killed me. Again in the chat logs you even admitted to it. So why lie here and then with your slander try to say you were kicked because I was salty? You weren't even the one who killed me so that makes no sense, I was even just memeing as mayor with my only law being "no gun." Sad.
The reality is you were kicked because you lied and tried to finess your way out of admitting your mistake of raiding without a hit. I only regret not banning you - you're a toxic player who will lie, manipulate staff as you did with krabs, and try to find loopholes in the rules, like this whole "wasn't raiding because my bullets didn't hit you xdddd" nonsense. Lastly, you tactfully omit that during the raid you were yelling at the raiders to put a hit on me as you realized you messed up. Want to explain that?
06-18-2017, 10:05 PM
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Knew it

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06-18-2017, 10:18 PM
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Thats what i thought.....

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06-18-2017, 11:06 PM
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You shouldn't shoot in nexus for any reason as a non-raiding class, and since you weren’t going for a hit you fall under this category. Saying you were just trespassing isn’t accurate if you were shooting, even if it was just at walls. Perhaps during your interaction you came off in a way that was unintended, but based on what was said I can see how it can be interpreted as lying. That’s all assuming what you are saying is completely valid and you didn’t see Spooky at all within the nexus, but him knowing you were shooting and you confirming that you were makes me think otherwise.

^ And that was all typed before reading Spooky’s post. I can see why you were kicked.

Regardless, and again assuming you're being truthful, the only thing the evidence provided here shows is that you seemed to incriminate yourself when talking to Spooky.  This is denied.
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