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Q&A Regarding Update #616
08-13-2017, 04:04 PM
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(08-13-2017 01:14 PM)'Nyan' Wrote:  Don't... ban... killboxes...

dont ban killboxes u nibber
08-13-2017, 06:23 PM
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(08-13-2017 01:07 PM)'thedivinity' Wrote:  Well what could be done to further help with making things more raidable?

I was going to make it so you don't have to put it on props, figured people would see that as OP.

Was going to make C4 which I still like the idea of.

It just seems like it's either make the deployable OP as all hell or just have an outright ban on killboxes.


I think that having them set so you can place them anywhere could be workable, if a few changes were made. 

The main problem would be getting to the actual cracker to turn it off / destroy it. People would probably try to place it in a sneaky spot so it's harder to find.

Some ideas for what could be done to make this less viable:
  • Add a secondary sound along with the beeping, some sort of humming or something. Have it increase in volume as you get closer, so you can find it based off noise.
  • Have a visual indicator drawn from the cracker to any keypad it's cracking every 10 seconds or so, like a little line of electricity or something.
Either (Or both) of these would make it so you wouldn't be able to hide things as effectively. 

Some other problems that might come up with letting you place it anywhere would be people either jumping out of bounds to place a keypad, or placing it in a location that's close in actual distance but not in map distance (I explained that really badly, but basically if you were raiding, for example, the small room in the tunnel by hacker spawn and placed the cracker on the bridge above it. It'd be close in physical distance, but you'd have to travel a good bit to actually get to it to disarm/destry.)

That's a more difficult problem to solve. I think the out of bounds thing would probably just be against the rules anyways, but placing it in weird places is tougher. The only thing I could think of is forcing you to have vision to the person's props when you place the cracker, but that'd cause a bunch of different problems if someone had multiple people building in the base, and other weird scenarios.

Hmm. Maybe, for a really hacky solution, you have to be looking at a person's props to place the cracker, and within a certain distance (Not right up against them, but within like 20ft or something.) From there you place the cracker on the ground at your current position, and the prop you were looking at is selected and emits a sphere or something (Not visibly, just code-wise) and cracks all the keypads within that radius. So you'd still be using the keypad cracker to break into the base, and if it's destroyed the cracking is still stopped, but the prop is acting as the basis of location. If you add in the visual or audio effects from before, it might work.

The c4 is still an idea I like. People have said in the past that it could be abused to knock down hobo buildings and stuff, but if you set up a timer for it to replace props after a minute or so like the battering ram does on non-hobos it shouldn't be an issue, and you could add in a rule that says it can only be used for raiding.

The only problems I can think of off the top of my head would be people building multiple defenses to get around it (Something like having a small killbox with one fading door at the enterance of civ spawn base, then at the back having another killbox with a fading door that you need to get through to get to raidables, the two layers of defenses forcing you to use multiple c4), and people who use either bases built entirely out of props or bases that require you to use props to climb to the raidables. It ususally wouldn't be an issue but depending on the radius you could theoretically build it so it'd be unraidable if you use c4. That's not that big of an issue though.

Oh, and elevators sorta ruin both the cracker and c4, but I made a seperate post about that here.
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