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The Guide to Guides; Guide Compendium & Masterlist
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divnitty rulez megathread 2: electric boogaloo

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Guide Compendium & Masterlist
Last updated: January 10th, 2018

Guide Creation

When creating your guide, you should aim for it to be...
  • Well elaborated upon and thorough. Why is your killbox design better than others? Why should you practice certain raiding methods over others? Provide examples and explanations to support your claim.
  • Clear and to the point. Stray from tangents and otherwise nonconstructive points that do not align to your guide's purpose. Your guide should have an intent that is easily understood from start to finish. You want to educate and advise the players reading your guide. Don't wander from the path too much. The occassional joke and gag are obviously okay, but try and make it easy to understand and not riddled with purple prose.
  • Friendly to new players. "Buying both", BIP, and other acronyms and/or idioms used almost in commonplace among regulars aren't necessarily known by all players- especially not players who are completely new to the realm of DarkRP. Try to dodge explanatory shortcuts and go into detail regarding your topic so that any player could pick up your thread and understand what you're talking about.
  • Structured and visually appealing. Guides with good formating, helpful imagery to elaborate further on your topic of discussion and visually presentable guides will be both easier to understand and much more capable of drawing your reader in. If your guide looks like an unformated blob of text, I can nearly guarantee you that your guide will recieve far less traffick and will not be used as a reference as often as one with the exact same instructions yet far more organized visually upon first glance.
  • Original. If someone else has beaten you to the bat, perhaps consider advising them on alterations of their guide rather than creating a whole new one. Nobody wants to read seven guides on how to do the exact same thing. They'll probably read just one and go about their day.
When making a guide, use these bullet points as a checklist. Is your guide thorough, understandable, welcoming to new players, visually appealing and the first of its kind? If you can check through all boxes before hitting "post thread" the chances that your guide will be able to successfully do what it is supposed to do (that being to guide players) is far likelier than that of a guide that doesn't. 

This of course, is not the end all be all laws of the land in regards to making guides. You are of course free to make guides as you please so long as they are within the definition of a guide (should you not want it either outright deleted or moved to Off Topic.) It is, after all, a guide.

Guide Masterlist

This list is constructed to act as the hub for all guides, organized into catagories based on their topics to assist you, the reader, in finding the guides that will help you the best.

Topics with only one or two guides on it will fall under a miscellaneous catagorey.
General Guides
"Roleplay Stats and Effects" by @thedivinity
"Content Packs" by @thedivinity
"Player Handbook" by @Nivenn
"New Users (Click Here)" by @Hendrick
"Divinity Tips and Tricks" by @MisterInvalid
"How to conduct yourself" by @flusha
"Sit etiquette and you" by @Legacy
"Weapon and Item Classification" by @Legacy

Building Guides
"Hobotown Guide" by @Hendrick
"Organized Divinity Catagories Spawnlist! [3.3]" by @Legacy
"[Building] Interior Design Guide" by @Mr. Spooky
"how to make turnable cars/stuff in the server" by @Ninja
"altos building secrets" by @Dr. Alto Clef
"Fading Doors and Kill Boxes" by @Mr. Anderson
"The Guide to Simple Catapults" by @AngryOldWizard
"[Building] Advanced Duplicator 2 Guide" by @Mr. Spooky
"[Outdated] Introducing the Divinity Catagories Spawnlist" by @Legacy
"How To Make Functionable Mechs/Walkers" by @Sithis
"How to make fading doors." by @Legacy

Gambling & Money
"It's not hard to gamble." by @Tomster
"Guide about methods of monetery gain." by @SkippyTheMoonRock
"Gambling Strategy" by @.sophie

Combat & Raiding
"Official Weapon tier list" by @Colossal
"Hendricks Raiding Guide" by @Hendrick
"1v1 me top of rust" by @Roses
"Headshot damage values for ALL guns in DivinityRP." by @Jaysea
"The REAL damage values of guns." by @SkippyTheMoonRock

Chat Commands & Console Binds/Aliases
"How to bind things through the /bind command" by @Legacy
"How to bind things through console." by @Legacy
"Boxman's super special and super cool quickdraw bind" by @Sithis
"Text Commands! " by @GrimPhobia
"Aliases and Custom Binds" by @Legacy
"Alias Script for Chat Sounds" by @cherryapplejack
"Hatter's shit bind and things" by @TheHatter
"Setting Binds to the Numpad" by @The Myth™
"EZ Organized Chat Sounds! -WIP-" by @Tony Evening
"How to alias things through the console." by @Jazz Joyce
"Chat Sounds" by @thedivinity

Miscellaneous RP Guides
"Karma" by @thedivinity
"Drug Crafting" by @thedivinity
"Server Connection Info" by @thedivinity
"Present Locations" by @SkippyTheMoonRock
"Charts for Vendor Jobs" by @Grant 
"Stream Music From Radio" by @SkippyTheMoonRock
"Hobo Dumpster Moneyz" by @Peridot
"The Hitchhiker's Guide to Organizations" by @Roses
"[Roleplay] Civil Protection Guide" by @Mr. Spooky
"Dealer Guide" by @Zac Genkins

Miscellaneous OOC Guides
"Shortcut to Join DivRP from the Desktop" by @The Myth™
"Lua Ez-Pz GUIDE" by @Hendrick
"How to take great looking screen shots" by @Aiden Bowles
"Materials Missing From Props Fix" by @Gutsy
"Hats & Hat Positioning Help" by @scott
"Signatures" by @thedivinity

If you make a guide and I haven't added it on yet, feel free to post the link as a reply to this thread and I will certainly do so.

If you have suggestions in tips regarding the creation of new guides, please come forward and share your thoughts.

Forum admins are also welcome to edit this at their leisure if they would like to add guides to the list. :)


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Thanks for making a good on how to make a guide

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(Today 07:50 PM)'Aidan Bowles' Wrote:  Thanks for making a good on how to make a guide


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