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Self-Supply Question
03-13-2018, 01:43 PM
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What defines self supplying? How can you call a sit for someone who is self-supplying? How would staff know if it's self-supplying? 
This major topic has like... 2 rules... that I've known and found out. 

I have found no reference to self-supplying other than "You have to be the job for so long and You can't switch back and forth multiple times to help your friends"
See below for example:

Question: Is it considered self-supplying to grab things from a dumpster as a Hobo, and switch to another job to use that gear?
Answer: As long as you play hobo for a short time, it's fine to use items you gained.

Question: Can I change classes just to self supply?
Answer: No. Self-supply is failRP and not permitted. If you need to buy something yourself, rp as that class for good while before feeling the need to change classes. http://thedivinityrp.net/forum/showthread.php?tid=3188  (Note, link doesn't work)

Question: Would switching to a job to sell vendor items to your friend, then switching back be considered self supply?
Answer: Yes doing that is considered self supply.

As a personal attachment, these re some scenarios I've encountered that need to be explained if it's allowed or not.

Just a few scenarios that I've encountered:
1- BMD buying armor during a fight more than 3 times.
2- Buying Milk during a raid (not getting paid by receipiants but Bartender is basing with them) 
3- Gun Dealer Spawning guns for himself to use to defend his shop. (This I think is allowed for the most part, I just want confirmation)
4- A Vendor buying for himself only, base defence reasons only. Refuses to sell to public but sells to Org and so forth.

I eagerly await the results!

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1. Allowed.
2. Allowed.
3. Allowed.
4. Disallowed.

If you are a vendor class you are REQUIRED to sell to the General Public even if you are basing. However you may refuse sale to certain individuals.
Basically, as long as you are selling to the General Public you may spawn yourself items.

Self supply is defined as spawning yourself items without selling to the General Public or changing to a class for under 15 minutes, spawning the items and changing class. You are required to stay as the class for 15+ minutes before changing off if you supplied yourself items.

You probably wouldn't call a sit for self supply more often than not you'd just tell staff about it and let them deal with it. No sit needed.

Staff know if someone is self supplying by checking rp_joblogs, rp_selfsupplylogs and their playerevents. Seeing as you can easily see someone changing classes with intent to supply items.

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03-13-2018, 11:37 PM
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For the future make sure you keep it to one question per thread

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