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[EVENT] 3/25/18- Build Event
03-24-2018, 10:17 PM (This post was last modified: 03-25-2018 08:09 PM by Dr.Doggo.)
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3/25/18 Build Event!

When will it take place?

It will take place on Sunday (Tomorrow) at 8:00PM EST (5:00PM PST).

What is a build Event?

               A build Event is where you (the participants) build off a theme that was chosen by the event creators. You will be given 1 or 2 squares (Determined on how many people attend the event). You will be given 30 minutes to build based on the theme. The best build will be determined by the judges. The theme will be announced when the event is started.

What will be the prizes?

1st Place:
2nd Place: 400k
3rd Place: 200k

How can I join the event?

When the event is at the time it will start at or when staff announces that the event is started. You will do /a or @ and say "Me".

This event was planned and organized by Dr.Doggo and Dr.Duc and will be administered by any staff willing to attend this event.

Thanks to TheDivinity for letting us able to do this.

After Event!

First off thanks to everyone for attending this event and for the staff help administer it.

The theme of this event was: Camping. The two judges were Dr.Doggo and Dr.Duc.

First Place: Puppy
[Image: E1070CE31E164D5C6FCE7D38798CD73F419FE5CF]
Second Place: BrownieGod
[Image: CFE454C6962DE9C9FCDE3A2B076B85747FB1E2CD]
Third Place: Ridley 

[Image: 27852ACD793428F178C9147D217C8C1073820023]
Honorable Mentions: That One Guy and Apple

That One Guy:
[Image: F5ECBF034864D542ACD4490072DF9687B5145BCD]

[Image: A0AA6C5C8E32AE4DC437F08F6C3A9F16FF50BE74]

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03-24-2018, 11:23 PM
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Yay! An event I can actually win!

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03-26-2018, 07:32 AM
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(03-24-2018 11:23 PM)'Mr. Everwood' Wrote:  Yay! An event I can actually win!


How’d that work out for you


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