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Update #800
04-22-2018, 12:50 AM
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This is the discussion thread for Update #800

  • Added crosshair color (In Settings)
  • Multi-core rendering is now forced on. (If you get crash issues from this, tell me. | Will only be forced on for windows because Macs and linux are big gays. | Should give better FPS.)

Please report any bugs associated with this update here.
04-22-2018, 01:15 AM
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wow only an fps improvement for update 800 ok div

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04-22-2018, 01:30 AM
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More like 800 ping

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04-22-2018, 01:16 PM (This post was last modified: 04-22-2018 02:10 PM by Hanson.)
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Should've added an edible pigeon event.
That'd be so much fun.

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