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Small update to the motd + guidelines
04-30-2018, 10:37 PM (This post was last modified: 04-30-2018 10:42 PM by Legacy.)
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At the moment there seems to be a lot of discussion regarding base defenses and the limitations of what the player can do, at the moment we're going to add in a new rule to the MOTD and a few extra to the guidelines for clarity sake to new and older players.


A new rule was added to the MOTD and while this has been common sense for everyone involved on our server we're adding it so everyone knows it exists.
  • Base defenses should have ease of access and be obvious to how they operate was added to the MOTD.

What does this mean?

This rule was put onto the MOTD to reflect that players should not be creating complicated defenses where they must jump through several hoops or fit into a very tight space that is meters apart, and while the objective of a base defense is to prohibit raiders and unwanted individuals from entering your base it should not flat out prohibit them from being able to attempt to enter.

This includes:
  • Small tight entrances that require you to be in a specific spot
  • Multiple jumps and directions required to enter the base
  • Long wall of props where one of them is the real entrance

Every base defense is still subject to staff discretion and as such staff will always have final say if a base is permitted or not, there will be small exceptions to some of these rules if staff do not see it as unruly or complicated.


Currently the guidelines do not reflect our two most important base building rules so now we've gone ahead and added those in.
  • Mazes are not permitted has been added to the Building.
  • Lengthy defenses and killboxes are not permitted has been added to the Building.

What does this mean?

Mazes and confusing base styles have not been allowed for a long while as bases need to be straight forward in their design, having the player guess on where to exit and enter is metagamey and wastes everyone time and as such this rule was brought to more clarification on the guidelines, obviously this may differ depending on what is constituted as a maze but generally base defenses should be as straight forward as possible.

Lengthy killboxes and defenses have been a small occuring problem that have been brought to the attention to staff before, and while we find no issue with small compact bases or standard killboxes it is unnecessary and wastes the time of the raiders to have lengthy defenses that stretch on, the point of these is to deter heavy hitting raiders when they can be stopped prior in the killbox/defense/door that the players have constructed.

Personally I would recommend a length of a 1x8 prop as maximum length on how long you think your defenses should be.
This length is not a rule and not set in stone but a personal recommendation on what players should keep in mind.

What happens now?

Currently there is a public and private discussion on how to move forward on base defenses along with some other issues regarding building rules and limitations, when the time comes we will provide a community announcement if and when these rules are put into motion.

If you feel the need to discuss the nature of raiding at this time of post then please consult this thread:


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04-30-2018, 10:44 PM
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Update #802: Nerfed Jaysea

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05-01-2018, 01:54 AM
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(04-30-2018 10:44 PM)'Jaysea' Wrote:  Update #802: Nerfed Jaysea


Yes most definitely OOFed ya

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