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The State Party
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Basic Rundown of this organization

We are a Mayor-based organization where the goal is to have control over the government. Our sole goal is to be mayor, and to rule City18 under total dictator rule.
Founded in the early 2030's, The State Party is a political party with heavy basis on Marxist and Leninst ideals and laws (hence the reason for the red and yellow). 

(wow that actually turned out cooler than i expected)

For details on the history of the State, go here

This is forum for applying to join The State Party, as well as discussion of Organization Events.

State Guidelines
1. If you see a Party Member running for mayor, you are encouraged to vote for them (though if you don't thats fine)
2. server rule breakage is minimal tolerance. 
3. while using the laws provided here is recommended, if you have your own set of dictator laws, you may use them.

The punishment for server rule breakage varies, but generally ends with either a demotion or banishment from the org. 

Purposeful Server Rule Breaches Will Result In Instant Removal From The Party

To Join, use this application

RP Name:
Purpose for joining the State:
How well are your basing skills?
How active are you?
Do you understand that purposeful server rule breaches will result in instant termination of membership?:
Anything else we should know?
I'd also like to add this;

Application Requirements:
1. you must have at least 50 ingame hours
2. you must have at least a basic grasp on the rules
3. you must have at least 50k
4. you may only have 3 prior bans a year (example, you 3 times one year, 3 times another year, for a total of 6, you'd still be eligible for applying) No ban may be newer than 6 months
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You got strict rules dood. I dont even know if anyone would wanna join your org lol

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Freedom without socialism is privilege and injustice
Socialism without freedom is slavery and brutality
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(Yesterday 12:33 AM)A Russian Husky Wrote:  You got strict rules dood. I dont even know if anyone would wanna join your org lol

what do you expect, it's essentially a dictatorship party.

in reality, i was thinking about the rules, so i'll probably change them soon


Added a basic run-down of the org and changed the Rules to State Guidelines.

Made the rules less strict.

Also changed the application requirements
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