Divinity DarkRP
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More TDM stuckery
05-15-2018, 10:58 PM
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Time when bug happened: Like, 2 hours ago maybe?

Bug/Issue: Hackers can get stuck in the fence beside their spawn when they win TDM and are sprinting. I wanna say this also happens to pro thieves maybe, maybe.

Additional Information: I uploaded one bug image and I ACCIDENTALLY included me and Doggo playing with AFK Div, https://imgur.com/a/uD5A3wB

Why tho? 
TheDivinity has set Dogey McDogeFace to USERLITE.

[Image: WF4Lbka.png]

[Image: dogeyemblemforum.png]
Yesterday, 10:50 PM
Post: #2
Made remaining players all spawn at citizen spawn, so maybe that'll fix the remaining issues.
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