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RDM Player Report: Lola
06-11-2018, 12:51 AM
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Your RP Name: Nivenn
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:98287064

Their RP Name: Lola
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:62979560

Incident that occurred: I was standing around plaza when Lola decided to stab and kill four people with a knife (Including me) for what seems to be no reason.

Additional Information: 

[Image: hd52bPt.png]


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06-11-2018, 01:08 AM
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Uhhhh +support clearly mass rdming

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06-11-2018, 03:58 AM
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Was on when they deagle'd 2-3 people in plaza. +Support
06-11-2018, 08:52 AM
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+support no intention in being a good egg.

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06-12-2018, 12:22 AM
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This player report has been accepted.

Thank you for the report, higher administration will now review the evidence provided by all parties involved and conduct action as seen fit.

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