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Weapons The Real REAL damage value of guns.
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So I'm aware this thread exists: https://thedivinityrp.net/forum/showthre...?tid=16121
Some of the information there is outdated and I want to keep this thread updated.
In case you are unaware, the damage values listed on the Roleplay Stats and Effects page are inaccurate when it comes to shooting players.
The values listed on that page are the base damage values for guns. They apply to shooting entities such as deployable keypad crackers, riot shields, shipments, etc.
For some reason HL2 weapons (357, Pulse Rifle/AR2, HL2 SMG, HL2 Shotgun) deal reduced damage to entities, so the values listed there are not even accurate for those weapons at all.
This thread is intended to be continually updated as time goes on and more organizaed than Skippy's thread linked above.

-Global Damage Multipliers-
Every gun follows a consistent pattern of damage multipliers based on what part of the body you shoot someone. There are a few exceptions. The damage multipliers are:
Headshots: 3x damage.
Bodyshots: 1x damage.
Arm/Legshots: 0.7x damage.


357- Head: 158 Body: 53 Arms / Legs: 38
CDM- Head: 181 Body: 60 Arms / Legs: 43


Desert Eagle- Head: 137  Body: 46 Arms/legs: 33
USP- Head surpressed: 115  Head unsurpressed: 55  Body: 18 Arms/Legs: 13
Five Seven- Head: 49  body: 16  Arms/legs: 12
Glock- Head: 42  body: 14  Arms/Legs: 10
P228- Head: 55  body: 18  Arms/legs: 13
CZ- head: 80  body: 27  Arms/legs: 19
Pernach- head: 57  body: 19  Arms/legs: 14
Elites- head: 42  body: 14  Arms/legs: 10

HL2 Pistol: Head: 47 Body: 16 Arms/Legs: 11


MP5- head: 50  body: 17  Arms/legs: 12
Mac-10- head: 42  body: 14  Arms/legs: 10
P90- head: 46  body: 15  Arms/legs: 11
UMP- head: 55  body: 18  Arms/legs: 13
TMP- head: 32  body: 11  Arms/legs: 8

HL2 SMG: Head: 38 Body: 13 Arms/Legs: 9


AWP- head: 202  body: 67  Arms/legs: 48
G3- head: 59  body: 20 Arms/legs: 14
Scout- head: 105  body: 35  Arms/legs: 25
SG-550- head: 63  body: 21  Arms/legs: 15
Crossbow: 105


Ak-47- head: 69  body: 23  Arms/legs: 17
M4- head: 48  body: 16  Arms/legs: 12
Para- head: 59  body: 20  Arms/legs: 14
AUG- head: 50  body: 17  Arms/legs: 12
Famas- head: 40  body: 13  Arms/legs: 10
Galil- head: 53  body: 18  Arms/legs: 13
Krieg- head: 42  body: 14  Arms/legs: 10
Pulse Rifle/AR2- Head: 39 Body: 13 Arms/Legs: 9


The values listed here are for each individual pellet. Shotguns have 12 pellets, but headshots act quite weirdly with shotguns.
Pump Shotgun- head: 19-150  body: 6-72  Arms/legs: 5-60
Automatic Shotgun- head: 16-126  body: 5-60  Arms/leg: 4-48
HL2 Shotgun: Head: 21 Body: 7 Arms/Legs: 5


Crowbar: 18
Katana: 43

Knife: Head: 158 Body: 35, Arms/Legs: 18 Headshot with backstab is 168, 33% chance of 53  Backstab: 56  Thrown Knife: 100
Stunstick: 42

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It would have been more organized and updated if the thread wasn't locked for some mysterious reasons.

But this is better than what I would have come up with. Also, some of your fonts are not sized with the rest.

In the not too distant future. On a tired map. Basing has become routine.

Basing has changed. It's no longer about players, creativity, or entertainment. It's an endless series of proxy battles fought by rich players and staff members. Basing - and its consumption of playtime - has become a well-oiled machine.

Basing has changed. Buffed up players carry high damage weapons, use explosive raiding gear. Money inside their wallets enhance and regulate their abilities. Job control. Raider control. Shipment control. Orgs control. Everything is monitored and kept under control.

Basing has changed. The age of fun has become the age of AFKing... All in the name of averting catastrophes from mass destruction of printers. And he who controls the raids... Controls the meta.

Basing has changed. When the printers are under total control... Basing becomes routine.
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sorry for the bump

but fists do damage too

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(07-11-2018 02:33 PM)Grant Wrote:  sorry for the bump

but fists do damage too

oo forgot that, will add real quick.

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