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Gordon for admin
07-17-2018, 03:22 PM
Post: #16
Gonna hafta go with the other heads, along with some my friends on this one.

Yes it’s true that this isn’t a job. We really don’t expect a lot from you. But one of the things we do ask is that you’re atleast somewhat active if you wanna be staff. How are we supposed to trust you’d be active as staff if you can’t even be active as a user.

Plus it’s my own personal opinion that unless you can provide a real valid reason, if you leave you shouldn’t just expect staff the moment you pop your head back in through the door.

Lol you've discovered my secret message
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Yesterday, 05:50 AM
Post: #17
Oh gordon wants to be a big boy! +Support for Badminge

Say hello to my little friend. EXCALIBURRRR
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