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Poll: Make annoying Super Admin?
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Yes Daddy 100.00% 1 100.00%
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AnNoYinGs ApP
08-08-2018, 01:14 PM (This post was last modified: 08-08-2018 04:25 PM by Justtryto.)
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RP Name: annoying
Steam Name: [SFPL] checryan
Hours Played on DivRP: like 100+ idfk and idfc

How long have you been a staff member on our server?:
Never lmfao
Why do you deserve to be promoted to this staff position?: (Applying for Super)
So I can give myself RP cash and ban people that bug me and not be abusive and totally be abusive. Please accept me ill give you a hug
What staff are usually on when you are on the server?
I dont care enough to remember

Hey, it's RIPBEB!
08-08-2018, 01:37 PM
Post: #2
Forgot poll -support-support-support-support-support-support-support-support-support-support-support-support-support-support-support-support-support-support-support-support-support-support-support-support-support-support-support-support-support-support-support-support
08-08-2018, 04:40 PM
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Added one. This can only result in positive votes unless they don't vote at all. I am so smart. Ahaheaheh heheheheh hehehehehe i need a life

Hey, it's RIPBEB!
08-09-2018, 09:12 AM
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Can't tell if shade at supers or straight up meme.
08-09-2018, 10:24 AM
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(08-09-2018 09:12 AM)Death Wrote:  Can't tell if shade at supers or straight up meme.

Answer = yes

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ʇɥə ɐbə oɟ ɔɹʎdʇolobʎ ıs ndou 
08-09-2018, 03:22 PM (This post was last modified: 08-09-2018 03:23 PM by Justtryto.)
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It's a meme

Hey, it's RIPBEB!
08-10-2018, 09:35 AM (This post was last modified: 08-10-2018 09:37 AM by A man with a dream.)
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plz yes

When Legacy says your name in Staff chat
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08-10-2018, 10:15 PM
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If the staff does not accept my application it is only a sign of the major corruption of this system of injustice! I, with more bans than fingers, believe I am fit for staff duties.

Hey, it's RIPBEB!
08-10-2018, 10:44 PM (This post was last modified: 08-10-2018 10:51 PM by Tequila Bowman.)
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08-11-2018, 08:22 AM
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(08-10-2018 10:44 PM)Tequila Bowman Wrote:  +support


Hey, it's RIPBEB!
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