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Ban Appeal
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RP Name: Drover alf
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:52216083

Your time played on DivRP:

Administrator's Name: TheDivinity

Length of ban:5 days

Reason why you were banned: repeated rdm

Reason why you should be unbanned: The evidence was edited, to make the person reporting seem like the victim.

Additional Information: The person making the report left out the part where he was mass rdaing and rdming everyone on the server. The video provided was a 9 second video that was clearly edited to make him look like the victim. In the video you can see at about 3 seconds where he is switching his inventory the video skips then i shoot him. This is because he cut out the part where he shoots me. Also in the video you can hear me saying "You think you can rdm people because the admins are not on?", this is exactly what he was doing because the other hobo (who had a different player model) was rdming in an attempt to get banned and I was following him around. I got rdmed by the person reporting. Then I went to ask why he rdmed me and he said I was rdming which was false. I believe a look into the logs at that time will clear everything up. Videos can be edited but the logs don't lie.

Also https://i.imgur.com/jFYBIyB.png even though these are old, this guy has been banned on here before. Just saying.
10-10-2018, 10:53 PM
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You do realized the owner banned you right? And what do the other guys pos have to do with this? Those are years old. Its a -support from me chief

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Videos can be edited, you're correct but it's pretty clear evidence of you staring at him, and then suddenly firing your gun at him and him respawning immediately only to be shot again.

Let's not also forget to mention a Head Admin posted the kill logs at the time, which are only a position step below my current rank so we trust them more than just the average staff member. Funny how in their logs it's just you two repeatedly killing him over and over with no kill prior until after he's been attacked multiple times.

You were seen as spawn killing a player, and two wrongs never make a right even if there was a chance he did attack you guys first. If the player can make a player report with evidence supporting it, then so can you.

Let's also bring up the fact the owner of the server reviewed the player report, something that they don't usually do often because it's not generally their business, and as per player report requirements we must review the evidence in full which includes checking the server logs and the current evidence provided before hand. The player report was valid

This is denied.
10-11-2018, 08:37 AM
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This is a rare case but I'm going to go back on my decision and revoke the ban, after speaking to your associate I'm going to run with the conclusion that it's possible that you were killed by the other player and it doesn't log due to the logs being constantly jam filled with damage (This happens, uncommon but it does) and since the server has restarted I cannot obtain them.

However, even under the circumstances in which you were repeatedly killed or arrested (Not shown, I see a singular kill.) it does not make the situation right to constantly spawn kill them, I understand the great need to prevent further issues but this sets a terrible example to other users in thinking that it's okay to shoot someone soley because you think they're breaking the rules. (Users like to shoot each other cause they break nlr, huge nono.)

This is not a get out of jail free card and I won't be doing this again, so please understand that if you're being attacked then it's fine to defend yourself and that your business is concluded once you have defended yourself. Now you know that we have a forum to report players with evidence if they are breaking rules with no staff available to help you.

I would also like to add it's fine to issue demotes for players who break rules and no staff are online, however if it is false and soley for the sake of demoting them then the punishment will just be worse.

This is accepted, but your ban reason will still remain for historical sake.
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