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Update #872
10-15-2018, 12:25 AM (This post was last modified: 10-15-2018 12:29 AM by thedivinity.)
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This is the discussion thread for Update #872

  • Gun Changes (MP5 price changed from $710 to $550 | Stunstick damage increased to 50 | M4a1 damage increased to 25 | Mac-10 recoil changed to 0.8 from 0.5 | TMP recoil changed to 0.5 from 0.35 | HL2 Pistol price changed from $750 to $450)
  • Hobos can use food from microwaves once every 30 minutes.
  • Changed door text to be bigger and be outlined (Should be easier to read)
  • TDM now reverts your model back to job model after it's over.
  • Want text is now shown in your console when wanted.
  • C4 now checks if you already have the weapon. (So you don't waste 12.5k)
  • Scrap can now be used on printers to upgrade them.
  • Fixed surrender not giving you karma and reduced arrest time on arrest.
  • Headcrabs can now be pocketed. (Can only pocket one.)
  • Pumpkins will now spawn around the map and give items and money. (Like presents, will last until halloween.)

Please report any bugs associated with this update here.
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This update is LIT AF. Thank you div.

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10-15-2018, 10:49 AM
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Wait, hobos can BUY food now, or what?

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10-15-2018, 11:56 AM
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(10-15-2018 09:49 AM)Andre Mcsquierrel Wrote:  Wait, hobos can BUY food now, or what?

Only every 30 minutes.

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10-15-2018, 02:42 PM
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Good update Div
10-15-2018, 02:50 PM
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amazing work div
10-15-2018, 08:01 PM
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Good update and all
But where the fuck is fishing at nibba
10-23-2018, 10:56 PM
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I think it's nice that Hobos can get food every once in a while now. It works, and it stops Hobos from dying 24/7 of starvation.
Cheaper prices for a few guns, too. 10/10 update.

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