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Staffing ranks overview
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If you are a current staff member or are looking to apply to become a staff member, this will be a brief overview of our staff ranks and what their abilities entail.


This is a trial position, you can not apply for a permanent status of this position.

Moderator is an entry position into the staff team and as such they have limited abilities and can handle specific requests and issues in the server, this is a trial process to see if the staff member is potential admin material and is considered a learning process for the users and staff member involved, they will be able to access logs and issue administrative action as seen fit.

Abilities and Permissions
  • Access to AdminMode. Enables administrator mode that allows the staff member to modify user props and specific entities, please review the section for admin mode down below for the full capabilities of this tool. Disconnected player props do not need Admin Mode turned on to delete!
  • Access to Logs. All forms of staff have access to the majority of our logs for handling administrative situations and assisting players, moderators do not currently have chat specific logs and should check down below for what they do not have access to.
  • Access to Killfeed. By default garry's mod killfeed in the upper right corner is disabled, for all ranks of staff this is enabled to quickly catch onto players randomly killing one another.
  • Access to Bring. Staff members can bring other players to them when the situation arises, whether during administrative situations or if they are stuck. The staff member will use it as seen fit.
  • Access to Kicking and Banning. To fully enforce our ruleset all forms of staff members have the ability to kick and ban players as seen fit, a staff member should understand when to kick or ban a player and should review below on ban times. Moderators cannot ban for more than a week by default!
  • Access to Muting. Spamming or disruptive players will sometimes need to be muted for the convenience of the playerbase or the server, all forms of staff can mute a players text chat or voice chat.
  • Access to Staff Chat. All forms of staff can see and respond to incoming staff requests, as such they will look like [This Color] when a request is given or reply is sent. All staff can talk amongst one another through staff chat normally, and will look like [This Color].
  • Access to Staff Announcements/Tell All. All forms of staff can issue out a staff announcement to the server, whether on how to ask for assistance or for clarifying on certain situations the staff member can inform players.
  • Access to Rooftops/Sit Rooms. With the ability to enforce the rules and conduct admin sits also gives the staff members private areas such as rooftops or private sit rooms to conduct their sits, these should only be used for administrative purposes and to speak to players in private. Moderators must be the Staff Member job to access more than one roof.
  • Access to Notification Messages. Allows for the staff member to send a delayed message to an inactive player.
  • Access to Ownership of Doors. Staff members can remove ownership of doors if required, whether the player has been inactive for hours or simply bought a door that doesn't belong to them.
  • Access to Remove NLR/Grace. In the event a player was unfairly killed, a player may remove their new life rule/grace if found to be killed under wrong circumstances.
  • Access to Remove Demotes. In the event a player is casting a false demote or the reason is improper, then the staff member in question can destroy said demote and notify the demoter of the reason why.
  • Ban Restriction. Moderators may only ban up to a maximum of one week, they may request permission to ban up to two weeks from an Administrator.


This is a trial and permanent positon.
You can not apply for a trial status of this position without prior moderator experience.
You can not apply for a permanent status of this position without prior trial administrator experience.

Administrator is a trusted position given to those who have attained enough experience as a trial moderator and have made a good example among their peers, as such they can noclip, spectate and see chat logs and several other new abilities to administrate at the best of their abilities.

Abilities and Permissions
  • Access to Noclip. Administrators can noclip between walls and the map for administrative purposes, as such it should only be used when building or for administrative situations that require it. It should not be used in Roleplay situations for any reason.
  • Access to Spectate. Admins and above can spectate other players to watch for misbehavior and to catch someone in the act of breaking the rules.
  • Access to Chat Logs. All forms of chat are available to the staff member through logs and player events, enabling them to fully mediate when conducting an admin situation.
  • Access to Name Changing. Administrators can randomize or change another players name if the situation calls for it, for players who impersonate or are soley causing issues.
  • Access to Teleportation. Administrators can teleport multiple players to a specific spot and they can teleport themselves to specific players.
  • Ban Permission. Administrator's can give moderators permission to ban up to two weeks maximum.

Senior Admin

This is a permanent position.
You can not apply for this position without permission from higher administration, 1,000 hours, and without permanent administrator status.

Senior Admin is a position given to those who have been around the server for lengthy periods of time and have earned the trust of higher administration, they're responsible for creating server and roleplay events along with issuing permanent bans where others can not.

Abilities and Permissions
  • Access to Events. Senior Admins and above can start server events, roleplay events and event jobs.
  • Access to Permanent Ban. Senior Admins do not need permission to permanently ban a player from the server.
  • Access to Props. Senior Admins ignore the whitelist and can spawn in any prop for events or decoration.
  • Access to Seats. Senior Admins can spawn seats for roleplay or events.

Head Admin

This is a permanent position
You can not apply for this position, it is a handpicked position issued by the super administration.

Head Admin is a very trusted position given to those who have excelled amongst the staff team and have earned the title of Head Administrator, their capabilities allows them to view into further logs and serve as helping aids to the super administration team, they can be contacted for emergency situations regarding bans and staff issues when a super admin cannot be contacted.

Abilities and Permissions
  • Access to Hacking Logs. All head administrators have access to logs to check for players cheating on our server.
  • Access to Ban Management. Head Administrators can edit and modify bans, and as such should be consulted to if a staff member makes a mistake during the banning process.


You can not apply for this position

Legend is a traditional position given to experienced Super Admins and Head Admins who have resigned from the server, they retain abilities of Super Administrator and do not have the responsibilities of a staff member and are not required to intervene with staff related issues. This position is not always guaranteed to Head Admins.

Super Admin

This is a permanent position
You can not apply for this position.

Super Administrator's are handpicked by other Super Admins and TheDivinity themselves and are the most trusted rank given to staff members, they manage the community, rules and staff team as seen fit to ensure the balance of the server is in check, they are responsible for correcting and issuing new rules when the need arises and handling staff members who are not following the code of conduct and have failed to make a good example of being a staff member.

Abilities and Permissions
  • Access to Staff Management. Super admins can set other users to a position of staff.
  • Access to Super Administration Tools. Extra tools used for administration, cheating users and staff management.
  • Ban Permission. Super Admins may give other staff members permission to ban users permanently.
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Clarified Legend rank and added seat spawning for seniors.
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