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Passive Event: Bank Heist

Hello everyone! Sometimes when I am on the server a bank vault will randomly appear in FOTO:

-The bank vault will contain 2 fading doors and no killboxes.
-The bank will receive money deliveries randomly which add to the vault total.
-If players wish to contribute to the vault total, they can.
-Once the bank is robbed it will take anywhere from 5-20 min+ for another delivery.
-More CP online/security guards for the vault and the higher the reward for raiders.
-Prize range: $10,000-$100,000+ (depending on security/cp count/raiders)

[Image: EFD6F2FB2E748878E1BB4B094A1370CC8169FC9B]
[Image: B5D5E4A9FAE46929ECE226E6BDF181B53E334FF7]
[Image: 6EA78846FFEDCDB45D061C22117BCFCC449E6A11]

Big shout out to Skippy for donating a whopping $10,000,000 RP cash for tonights (11.5.18) Bank Heist Event.

Special thanks to Legacy, Teddy, Duck with a dream, Death, Sgua the Duck as well as others who helped with/donated and participated in the event.
There was hundreds of thousands in additional donations tonight as well.

[Image: 29432F549F24819DC85DED309F9243F6E57A7AC2]
[Image: 633D8447FC5B283A1E4BC7A2DBBBE824051A5444]
[Image: 8C59E6F0CB1FA281798E7CA147FB84999D033AE1]

Short video of defending the back room of the event will be uploaded at some point.

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An in-progress /pof/ story by me: NEET to Neat.

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11-06-2018, 07:08 PM
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This is ingenius. Can't wait to try this out in the near future.

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11-18-2018, 11:51 PM
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there was another bank heist like now
so like it was also fun

An in-progress /pof/ story by me: NEET to Neat.

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[Image: TAUdBHK.png]

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agian, amazing job with these events
11-19-2018, 06:00 AM
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yall know when you win 20 lottos in a row amounting to over 5 mil and then you gamble them all to your arch-nemesis in like 5 minutes
I do.
12-05-2018, 09:08 AM
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Is there a specific date for these events taking place? 

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12-05-2018, 08:32 PM
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A Russian Husky dateline='[url=tel:1544022527' Wrote:  1544022527']
Is there a specific date for these events taking place?
All random as to why it says passive

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