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Update #880
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This is the discussion thread for Update #880

  • Added notification for teleporting player as cop during nlr breach
  • Added gib chance on death for anything (Very tiny chance)
  • Added 1/3 chance to gib a player if you kill them with a shotgun
  • Added fancy text for Strider NPC and ability to damage them with normal weapons
  • Added limit of one million betting to blackjack
  • Enabled christmas themed hats
  • Enabled unrestricted prop access for Senior Admin and above (Can spawn things not in the whitelist)
  • Disabled blackjack for people with less than 25,000$
  • Fixed friendly fire for event job
  • Fixed special event printers, will now tell you that you cannot confiscate the printer and must destroy it
  • Fixed blackjack being inconsistent and having weird logic
  • Fixed headshots instantly killing npcs

Please report any bugs associated with this update here.
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team fortress 3

When Legacy says your name in Staff chat
[Image: PnXiAlH.png]

[Image: PlayerSig.php?steamid=STEAM_0:0:57089847...und=542EFF]

12-01-2018, 03:26 PM
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Strider NPC, huh?
This made me reinstall GMOD.
12-05-2018, 09:30 PM
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Amazimg work epic
12-06-2018, 02:39 AM
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Thank you bus driver

[Image: 6993569b3f.jpg]
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