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If you saw my old basing guide then this will be in a very similar layout.

Remember to keep the rules in mind when you build: 

[Image: 384d874867.jpg]

Table of Contents

1. Introduction.
2. Where to base.
3. Props to use.
4. The concept of "Pop out" defenses.
5. What you need to buy to defend yourself.
6. How to earn money.
7. The raiders and Raiding Items.
8. C4.
9. Conclusion and Final Words.
10. Addendum / Updates.


1. Introduction.

Welcome to the ultimate basing guide. Here you will learn how to become an effective base builder utilizing the current meta of Divinity Roleplay. Whether you are a new player or a veteran, this guide is intended to teach you about the mechanics and different strategies of raiding and basing, helping those who struggle against alpha males(and females). You'll learn about the mechanics of the server and how to make lods of money $$$$$. 
Important information will be highlighted in red. 
In this guide I will use terminology that you may or may not be familiar with. Here are some terms and what they mean:


Buybox - An area where you buy and sell. Its primary purpose is to serve as a place where you can safely buy money printers from other players on the server without fear of being warranted.

Boths - Both (2) money printers. Some people refer to one printer as "one both"; technically this is wrong but you should still be aware of what people say.

Killbox - An area where raiders are meant to be killed, while the defender has the upper hand.

Firing Line - A place where all the defenders line up revolutionary war style and put as many bullets downrange as possible. Generally, your firing line will be pointed towards a killbox.

2. Where to base.

The place that you base in will be fundamental to the problems or solutions that your base has. You will want bases with plenty of space, one entrance, and as many obstacles for raiders to get through. I emphasize one entrance because you do not want to get raided from multiple angles at once. All your firepower should be concentrated on one area.
Here are the best basing areas, from first to third.

1- The Z.
The perfect base. The base is in plaza, meaning you'll get a lot of traffic. It has one main entrance, a long and narrow hallway, lots of storage area in the back, and a door for extra defense. This is my choice for best base on the server right now. The long and narrow hallway provides a natural killbox for you to kill dudes trying to raid you. 
Here is an example:

It is easy to have a buybox when you base here so buying and selling will be efficient.

2- Above Change.
A fantastic base. Long narrow hallways, and a decent amount of storage. The main allure of this base is the world fences  behind the doors, which provide a perfect area for your firing line. It is a bit difficult to set up and you'll have to make some compromises, but nonetheless it is a great area.

3- Civ Spawn
 Through sheer size and two-story design, civ spawn gets number 3. It is hands down the best base against CP raids, granted you are smart with how you design the ramps leading up to the second floor.
However it is not fantastic because of the lack of doors. I think people give this base more credit than it should because the size can be really intimidating. 

Honorable Mentions
Other decent locations include Foto, JFK room, Souvenirs, Hospital, and New bar. However they are just not standout bases in my opinion.

3. Props to use.

So now that you have chosen where to base, you need to spawn some props to protect yourself!
There are two groups of props: One way props and fences.

One Way Props

One way props are props that work just like the glass that you see in movies in an interrogation room where the cops can see the criminal, but the criminal cannot see them. We will be applying that philosophy to props so we can see raiders, but raiders cannot see us. Here are the one way props you will be using:

The prop list, from left to right, is 
1. models/props_building_details/storefront_template001a_bars.mdl -- Gate door.
2. models/props_combine/combine_window001.mdl -- Combine Window.

3. models/props_phx/games/chess/board.mdl - Chess board.

Here are some photos of the props :
Once we have selected our one way prop, we will use the material and submaterial tools in order to make these a one way prop. 
As you can see, once our material is applied, the prop becomes one-way. It will give you a significant upper hand in base defense because you will know where the raiders are, but they won't.

The other type of props you will be concerned with are fences. Fences allow you to shoot through them while at the same time halting movement. Fences come in all shapes and sizes.


 You may materialize the fences however you want. Generally I use the wireframe material for fences.
 The type of fence you use is not super important, it's generally personal preference. Just make sure that people can't run past your fence or else you might have a bunch of cops run in, warrant and arrest you, and take everything causing you to have a meltdown. 

4. The Concept of "Pop Out Defenses".

So now you have your one ways and fence props. You are going to combine these two groups of props and make a pop out defense. You will begin by using the nocollide tool on the one-way prop, then place a fence in front of the one way prop so you can "pop out" and shoot raiders.

Dogey's picture illustrates my point well:
This is the core of a strong base defense. This particular raid on Super Gay showcases me and moist utilizing pop out defenses :

Even though this is an old video, the concept of popping out and shooting raiders still applies. We have the one way prop so we can see the raiders, and the fences to shoot the raiders. They cannot do anything until we run through and start shooting.
5. What You Need to Buy to Defend Yourself.

So now you have your base set up, and you're ready to start spawning your money printers and all the other good stuff and become the richest player on the server. But you don't have anything to defend yourself with.
Among the most important of the items you should buy is Milk and Armor. Having 600 hp and 200 Armor, along with a good killbox, will let you deal with most of raiders that come in. The rest are making sure you are able to deal with 100% of raiders.

General Defense:

-Gives up to 600 health.
 -5 Shipments can be purchased from a Bartender. 
-Milk is the most essential item to have as a defender. You're not going to be successful with 100 health when a bunch of 600 HP big boys come rushing at you.

Essentially gives you more health.
1 Heavy Armor gives you 200 armor, can be purchased from a Black Market Dealer. 
How armor works: Total damage taken is not reduced when you have armor. Instead, armor absorbs about 75% of damage taken. For example, if you were to take 100 damage with armor, you would lose 25 health and 75 armor.
Additional Benefits of Armor:
Immune to fists, rape, and being arrested. Being hit by an arrest baton instead takes away 50 armor.
With 600 hp and 200 Armor, you essentially have 800 HP.
Once your armor runs out, you will start to die MUCH faster. Try to have extra armor lying around your base during raids so you can keep it up and maximize tankiness.


An in-depth guide to drugs can be found here: https://thedivinityrp.net/forum/showthre...?tid=17699
I have listed them from 1-5 in order of importance. 1 being the most important.
Here's a few examples of why you should always take drugs :

1. Heroin: 40% damage reduction, immunity to knockback and fall damage.
Use if you need to tank damage. If you manage to play it smart, you can take on three dudes with 600 hp and 200 armor if they don't have heroin as well. You should always have this.

2. Meth: 20% more damage, 100 extra hp. Higher jump height.
20% more damage is always a nice thing to have for raids. Extremely useful for dealing with heroin raiders.
          Here's an idea of how effective meth can be:
          If a gun normally does 100 damage,
          With meth = 120 damage
          Against heroin = 60 damage.
          Against heroin with meth = 80 damage.
The 100 extra hp is also useful because it allows you to go past the cap of 600. You can potentially get up to 700 health. Technically 723 with weed.

3. Cigarettes: Less recoil and increased accuracy.
Acquired from bartender. Cigarettes are a must-have for firing lines. The decreased recoil and increased accuracy make it significantly easier to rain down bullets on raiders. Increased accuracy also allows for more consistency, so you'll be hitting more shots, instead of missing due to spread.

4. Cocaine: Faster run and walk speed.
I like using this during raids. Makes you harder to hit because of the faster move speed. You can also traverse your base quicker, allowing for faster retreats or better usage of pop out defenses.

4.1 Coffee:
Same as cocaine, just a weaker effect, cannot overdose from it, has no effect on your screen, and is not default illegal, unlike cocaine.
Coffee and cocaine do not stack.

5. PCP: Immunity to tazers, lose less armor from arrest batons.
You want to be prepared for CP raids. They are absolutely the worst thing ever.
Stunsticks have a 20% chance to knock you out if you have 200 armor and 100% without any armor.
I don't care how well prepared you are, if you have the biggest guns, the best killbox, 600 Health, 200 Armor, and a ton of money printers to back it up, a few CP can ruin your entire operation with one little stun BOI. And your base is gone. Also, normally an arrest baton would make you lose 50 armor on hit, meaning it takes 5 swings to arrest you. With PCP, you lose 43 armor per hit, bringing the amount of swings up to six.   

0. Water: Removes the visual effect from drugs. This is INVALUABLE because when seven dudes come to raid you and you are trying to take all the drugs you can, you honestly can't see shit. The red flashing from heroin, the Orange garbage from meth, the weird blue-white tint from PCP, you are hindering yourself. Water is a MUST HAVE.


Additionally, raiders may use these drugs-
LSD - Faster hacking and lockpicking speed.
This allows hackers and professional thieves to get through your defenses extremely quickly. 

Beer/Vodka - Faster punching, punches deal more damage, take less melee damage, can push people with E.
The only thing you should be worried about here is the faster punching. Faster punches means your doors can get punched down faster, so be conscious of this. We'll talk about how to counter punches later.

Door Fortifications
To use door fortifications, simply close your door, lock it, and use your gravity gun to place the door fortification on the door.
While the door is fortified, it is
1- Immune to fists and being shotgunned down.
2- Requires two battering rams to take out.

This requires raiders to lockpick or C4 your door.
Be aware that the fortification itself can actually be shot down, so make sure you place it on the inside where raiders cannot shoot it.

Refer to this thread for weapon damages : https://thedivinityrp.net/forum/showthre...?tid=17747
Now you need to buy some guns. The three most important guns to have are:

1.  M249(or Para).
100 bullets, 20 damage per shot, 200 damage per second. Quite accurate and has a decent rate of fire. This is the best gun in the game for defense by far. Its only downside is how long it takes to reload. Always have this for base defense, as everyone on your firing line should be using this weapon.

2. AK-47.
30 bullets, 23 damage per shot, 230 damage per second. Not very accurate. The AK-47 is a very powerful option, and I use it when I run out of ammo with the para and I don't have any time to reload. The AK-47 also has a very fast reload speed so you are able to be active in the fight.

3. Mac-10.
30 bullets, 14 damage per shot, 254 damage per second. The Mac-10 has an extremely high rate of fire, the highest damage per second of any gun, and a lot of recoil. I use the mac-10 to shred people standing still or using riot shields. 

4. Double Barrel.
I don't really use this for anything in direct combat, but the right click with the double-barrel can one shot C4. Pretty useful, especially in pop out defenses, but if the person has a riot shield I'd say stick with the mac-10/

6. How to Earn Money.

So now you're truly ready to start basing. You have your milk, armor, drugs, guns, and defenses set up. Now you need a 
As explained earlier in the guide, buyboxes are the best way to earn money. Your transactions will go smoothly.
With most buyboxes, you want to have a button that operates the fading door to get in and out of the buybox. That way you ensure transactions can happen one person at a time. 
Using your buybox, you can advertise that you are buying boths. Something like /ad "Buying boths at Z for $20,000 each." works. 
Other ways of earning money / farming include drug labs, oil, selling donuts, and vendor transactions. Vendor transactions can be selling milk, guns, etc.
Good buyboxes are another reason why you should try to find a base with only one entrance. With multiple entrances, it is very difficult to base.

7. The Raiders.

 You will face a wide variety of raiders in your basing career. This includes Anarchists, Thugs, Hackers, Super Pro Thieves, Professional Thieves, and the Mob Boss along with the Gangsters.
Some raiding classes have special abilities that come with earning EXP : https://thedivinityrp.net/forum/showthre...?tid=17486
You should be aware of what they have to use against you.

-Have no special raiding abilities. 
-Spawn with a CZ pistol.
-Can kill in raids.
-Level 3 anarchists can crack keypads and lockpick 2 seconds faster. Not really significant but something to be mentioned.

Can move slightly faster.
-Spawn with fists to punch down doors or people.
-Jump slightly higher.
-Can kill in raids.
-Level 3 thugs can punch faster and Level 5 thugs have a higher chance of breaking down your doors.
Level 9 thugs can use shotguns to instantly break down doors.
I cannot stress enough the importance of fortifying your doors. Thug is a very powerful raiding class and being able to shotgun down doors is a HUGE threat.

The Mob boss / Gangsters.
-Have access to a genome, where they have points to allocate more damage, run speed, or damage resistance.
-The Mob Boss can buy lockpicks for him and his gang. Mob boss and gangsters spawn with different items depending on how you allocate the genome points.
-Can kill in raids.
-For a more comprehensive explanation of genomes view this guide: https://thedivinityrp.net/forum/showthre...?tid=16931
- Gangsters can combine their attack damage genome with meth and their resistance to damage genome to heroin. They DO stack.

The Hacker
-Can silently crack keypads in 12 seconds.
-Moves 25% faster.
-Cannot kill in raids.
-Hackers can catch defenders off guard with their silent cracking. Use a door to counter him, forcing him to make noise, lockpicking a door.
Hacker used to be a big threat in raids but as of now, not so much. just shoot him in the head a lot and he'll die quickly.

 The Professional Thief
-Can silently lockpick doors in 12 seconds.
-Moves 25% faster.
-Cannot kill in raids.
Professional thieves can catch defenders off guard with their silent lockpicking. Use a keypad to counter him, forcing him to make noise, cracking a keypad.

 The Super Pro Thief
-Has both a keypad cracker and lockpick.
-Can kill during raids.
- Super pro thieves generally come in as the clean up crew, assisting hackers or professional thieves. However, their keypad crackers and lockpicks take longer than hackers and professional thieves, respectively, and are also not silent. Take advantage of this. Being able to kill in a raid won't matter if they have to get through a keypad or door.

 The Stun Grenade
Stun grenades are acquired from the traveler, the Black Market Dealer,  or from an item creator.

When you are hit by a stun grenade, you will be hit with a disorienting effect on your screen for a varying amount of time, depending on how close you were to it.
The grenade can be thrown through nocollided props. The stun effect goes through fences, collided or not.
If you are hit by one, you can stand still and not aim around while the effect persists. The effect will be less disorienting.
However you can honestly just back away from it. You have plenty of time to react.
Only raiding classes can utilize this item. Drug dealers and landmen can use stun grenades, too. So if you're basing as a drug dealer consider using this against raiders.

 The Pry Bar
 -Looks just like a lockpick.
-Can be purchased from a black market dealer for $550.
When a raider uses it on a door, it will take 3 seconds to "pry" open your door. A distinct sound will be made, different than that of a lockpick. This has a chance to succeed and a chance to fail. If it does succeed, your door will be opened. If it does fail, the raider will have to pry open the door again. If the door is opened, the pry bar has a small chance to break.
LSD does not affect the lockpicking time of the Pry Bar.

 The Riot Shield
The Riot shield- not much to explain about the item itself here. It has 600 health and once the health goes to zero, it breaks. Raiders can utilize it to protect hackers while they are keypad cracking or professional thieves while they are lockpicking your doors, or even C4 from being shot at. You have to be smart about how you deal with riot shields. Simply attacking it will waste a lot of precious time for you and your base mates. But sometimes you have to shoot the riot shields. I recommend using a mac 10 as one whole clip of a mac 10 takes out a riot shield. It's the fastest way to deal with one.
NEVER USE HL2 WEAPONS AGAINST RIOT SHIELDS/ENTITIES. (HL2 SMG, 357, HL2 shotgun, AR2) For some reason they deal massively reduced damage to entities.
Best way to deal with a riot shield dude besides the mac-10 is to shoot at him from two directions, as he cannot block bullets coming from more than one direction, thus nullifying his effectiveness and making him an easy target if he chooses to not retreat. You may also utilize riot shields yourself. If you want to push someone out of the way, simply left click while the riot shield is equipped. Do note that the person must be standing still, and you cannot push people who are lockpicking or keypad cracking. Can be purchased from a black market dealer for $1,200.

8. C4.

C4 is the ultimate weapon for raiding classes to utilize. C4 blows up props and doors in a radius. 
You can find more specific statistics on C4 as well as a demonstration video : https://thedivinityrp.net/forum/showthre...?tid=19040
All your hard work and props can be blown to shit just because some raider wanted to spend $12,500 on something.
Here's a video demonstrating dogey and myself raiding some dudes in civ spawn with C4.

As you can see, C4 is very powerful and can bring down even the best bases. All your hard work and props can be blown to shit just because some raider wanted to spend $12,500 on it.

So how do you counter C4?

Shoot it. Simple as that. But simple doesn't always mean easy. Utilize your pop out defenses / firing line to shoot down C4 before raiders have a chance to react. If they have a riot shield, shred that shit with a mac 10 then switch to another gun. C4 has a 180 second cooldown, so if two people raid your base and both C4 get shot down, they have to wait 3 minutes to place their next C4. Shooting C4 should always be your priority. Raiders might still be alive but they won't be inside your base. 
Make sure you are spacing out your props enough so C4 is not blowing up stuff that you did not intend to get blown up. Use the ruler tool to measure distances for C4. 

 9. Conclusion and Final Thoughts.

I'm not going to tell you how to build your base to counter C4. I've laid out everything you need in order to prepare yourself for raids. Except for a few secrets, that I'll keep to myself :^) A strong defense doesn't just have a good killbox or a lot of people. It's the combination of drugs, weapons, strategies, communication, and design that all go into making...

The ultimate base.
Thank you for reading. If there's anything you would like to add or have questions, please feel free to post below. I love to help out people wanting to build because it's what I enjoy.

Oh and by the way, some  dupes of mine are attached to get you started. They have flaws though. Maybe you can figure out what those flaws are?

Just download the file and place it in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\data\advdupe2
If you do not see x86 then try C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\data\advdupe2

10. Addendum / Updates.

4-11-19: Added a dupe to get people started.
4-25-19: Moved cigs up in the drug ranks and PCP down.
5-9-19: Added note about double barrel shotgun.

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Nice guide, looking forward to people using the info to create new, interesting base designs.

One thing to keep in mind when designing your base is c4 ranges. From the spot that the C4 is placed, it will unfreeze any props within 75 hammer units and any rp_doors or fading door props within 120 hammer units.

Rank 1 Drug Dealer

Perms: knife, elites, extra printer, extra pocket space, extra drug lab, TTS

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basing in 2019

good guide,  i'll give u reddit gold in a sec

ahaha yes
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Sooo isnt popout defence against the rules now
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(04-12-2019 11:16 AM)Jed Davis Wrote:  Sooo isnt popout defence against the rules now


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Cigs and PCP drug ranks switched.
With cigarettes now increasing accuracy, they become a lot more useful in terms of defense. Cigarettes help a lot with firing lines.

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Added bit about double barrel.

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this is too fucking much man my brain is about to melt.

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(05-13-2019 12:59 PM)Popeye Wrote:  this is too fucking much man my brain is about to melt.

You need to watch more rick and morty

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This actually really helped alot

Thank you

This should be on the help npc tbh


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(05-15-2019 03:58 PM)Liljay Wrote:  This actually really helped alot

Thank you

This should be on the help npc tbh
Glad to be of service.

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