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[EVENT] Laser Tag
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[Image: syhECsB.png]
Credit to Dogey for the target in the logo (Probably just stolen from aimware)

Saturday at 6 PM EST (4 PM MST, 3 PM PST, 10 PM GMT)


First Place - Undecided.
Second Place - Undecided.

Other Stuff:
Two teams (Red & Blue) will battle it out in a Laser Tag Arena! Both teams will be set to 50 health and will be equipped with Deagles, the team to survive the most rounds win!

The map is small, encouraging close combat.
Map made and event hosted by:
Hanson the Bear

EDIT: Thank you for coming to the event!
Thank you to Sgua the Duck, Dr. Doggo, and Colossal to helping with the event.
04-23-2019, 05:41 PM
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04-23-2019, 06:20 PM
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they come

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