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Liljay's Mod App (Meows)
05-15-2019, 12:38 AM
Post: #16
(05-14-2019 01:11 PM)Popeye Wrote:  -support

9 bans and doesn't know the rules to it's full extent and often gets into sits. I just can't +support this one.

Don't judge on someone you don't know, especially when they have staff experience even after the bans. This player was a moderator some months ago as well.

However I cannot support the application at this time, and would like to see you try again next month.

And while I'm noticing your high activity I also notice most of it is inaccurate because you just leave yourself idle for very long extended periods of time. If you obtain a staff position later and you end up doing this, then there will be trouble.
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