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Popeye's Ban Appeal
05-14-2019, 02:01 PM (This post was last modified: 05-15-2019 08:09 AM by Popeye.)
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i accept my ban i was toxic

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05-14-2019, 02:14 PM (This post was last modified: 05-14-2019 02:21 PM by FryLord0612.)
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Ok so the past 3 days you have been nothing but a pain rda,rdm,and baiting cops on top of ur rude tone to me saying how did you even get staff.I told you 3 times not to do the stuff ur doing its baiting once today and 2 yesterday you know its wrong and no rico was not on board with this as he called staff 3 times on you.every time you got out of jail you said Ricos a nigger then waited till wanted then gunned down cops it dont matter how many players are on rules are rules also you were just shooting people then saying no i never shot him then when logs rool up ur like im just memeing thats always what you say "Just Memeing" You need to stop what ur doing and think next time.

( Guess i should add i had to kick rico for revenge rdm since you called rdm further more as hes not in on it)

Heres most the pics i took of popeyes logs from today all the rda stuff ad that i do not have as there was not much proof as voice was used i talked about it on discord.


I cant tell if this shows all the pics or not will edit if i need to add cheers.


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05-14-2019, 02:15 PM (This post was last modified: 05-14-2019 02:16 PM by Suga.)
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I'm not absolutely sure what happened but I just wanted to bring up the thread you made the other day. (Link)
When you display this kind of behavior and are constantly toxic you're basically asking for some sort of punishment.
I think you need to take a step back and reflect on some of the things you've done and change your behavior.
You may not be here to cause a shit-show but you do it pretty often and I don't think that's a good thing.

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05-14-2019, 02:21 PM (This post was last modified: 05-14-2019 02:23 PM by Dr.Doggo.)
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Well, I saw this coming. Anyways you have just been a pain for staff for the past couple of days. I have talked to you about twice this week. I will explain an incident that you did towards me. 

I was sitting in plaza and was just standing there, mind you not blocking anything or there was no lockdown. You came up to me when I was looking at my other monitor and warned me away for no reason. I warned you for this, then the next day I heard you did the same thing. Basically trying to say that either you are doing it on purpose or you really don't understand the rules. You need to take a break and change your behavior.

-Support for a unban. +Support for an extention.

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05-14-2019, 02:23 PM
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Oh ya forgot to add Ur also abusing the warn system just walking up to dudes then warn em to leave that's not how it works that's part of why Rico was kicked and I've talked to you abut it a few times i don't have to drag you into a sit every time you do something wrong i use staff chat.

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05-14-2019, 02:28 PM (This post was last modified: 05-14-2019 02:29 PM by Popeye.)
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(05-14-2019 02:23 PM)FryLord0612 Wrote:  Oh ya forgot to add Ur also abusing the warn system just walking up to dudes then warn em to leave that's not how it works that's part of why Rico was kicked and I've talked to you abut it a few times i don't have to drag you into a sit every time you do something wrong i use staff chat.

I think your talking about Rico, not me. I warned Rico to back off when he warned me. You never talked to me about it and every staff can look in the logs that you never, ever talked to be about the warn system.

almost every situation about "RDA" is because I arrest people for the littlest of valid reasons, it is valid and it is not my fault I am arresting people under the laws and people don't like it.

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05-14-2019, 02:44 PM
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No I’m talking about you not at that time just the past few days

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05-14-2019, 03:56 PM (This post was last modified: 05-14-2019 03:57 PM by Liljay.)
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(05-14-2019 02:01 PM)Popeye Wrote:  RP Name: Popeye

Your time played on DivRP: 170 hours

Administrator's Name: FryLord

Length of ban: 7200 minutes (5 days)

Reasonwhy you were banned:Baiting cops l being rude and toxic l was told to stop yet keeps going"

Reasonwhy you should be unbanned: There is literally 10 people on, nobody is doing anything and i'm calling the only police officer a nigger and we both have fun killing and arresting each other. Right away, FryLord comes and says "don't bait" despite both of us are having fun, therefore I continue since it's consensual on both of our parts and I get banned.

I should be unbanned because I am very active on the server and spend at least 3-5+ hours on everyday and 5 days for calling somebody a nigger is very very long especially for a time there was 10 people and I was just having fun with the other police officer and isn't what Div is built on? Calling people niggers?

Additional Information: To note, I was never pulled aside by FryLord and I just noticed his message after I was going in console and saw the message.

Oh my

Let me begin this with a huge

In your previous pr someone mentioned you baiting
Located here:

This was bound to come

You know better none the less and we don't give one flying pig about you saying nigger
We passed this rule long ago cause its a word, now if your saying it to staff members
Or Others while dealing with staff or being mingey with it then yea it's a problem

Div is built on more then calling people nigs, a bigger one div is built on, is following rules and not trying to skirt around them as sgua has mentioned or push them to the max as i've mentioned in the link above

Anywho I don't wanna be that guy, but today I'm gonna have to be

Not only have I mentioned countless times to many people about you being toxic but

You have an active player report from me right now, from this morning


If you can follow rules I would love to see you come back but your attitude isn't something
We need on the server at all

+Support For Extension


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05-14-2019, 06:29 PM
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Definitely -support for unban, +support for extension. You have been really mingey recently. You kept making elevators to come up to my base and then would gun me down. You were told by Colossal to not get near me. Next thing you do is build a sky base right beside of mine. You were going to be banned but I believe Colossal had to delete it. Going off what everyone else is saying, it looks like you need more ban time.
05-14-2019, 06:45 PM (This post was last modified: 05-14-2019 06:45 PM by Colossal.)
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I'll go with my experiences with you first before going into the ban reason.

You've been a problem every day, but yesterday was the worst for me. You decide to harass people on a skybase via multiple ways. You kept following them up and kept antagonizing them. When they asked you to leave, you "panicked" and rdmed them. You made your own elevators to go up which should of been enough for a ban at this point.

After I have a sit and tell you both to stay away from each other, you decide to create a skybase next to their base and refuse to take it down once asked. After removing it I warned you that you were going to be banned so which you promptly logged off. 

Another problem I'd like to address if you playing the cop job and you causing a shitstorm every time you do. Every 10 minutes we always get an rda case from you, although most of these are valid, some aren't. That's not really the main point here. More so I suggest you don't arrest every person on sight for breaking a law. It's role play and not an actual video game where you have to stay strict to an objective. I can promise you if you stop arresting everyone on sight and instead role play along or even warn them, you'll be making it easier for literally everyone.

Now for the ban.

The rules don't change depending on the player count, if you do stupid shit even if you're the only one on you'll get disciplined accordingly. Even if you and another rule breach or rdm each other, if a staff asks you to stop you need to stop. You say your ban was too long when you already have 4 prior bans, and not only that, but you've been a consistent pest to the staff team and the player base. When I warned that you were on thin ice, I wasn't exaggerating or joking a single bit. I also wouldn't be surprised if this is extended either.

-support you knew much better.

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05-15-2019, 08:24 AM
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After speaking with a few staff members in and out of this thread, you have been causing a lot of headache to the team of people stationed to help you.

I don't like the toxic attitude you have been showing the past few weeks, and considering every single staff member I talked to had to warn you for something- you should take the advice Suga is giving you in the reply above.

You may not think you're causing a shitstorm- but clearly you are. Just take a second to actually read these replies and understand why people take time out of there day just to complain about you. They don't get anything at all for it, besides a few extra days without headache in the community and the thought of when you're going to try to skirt the rules next.

This ban has been extended to a week.

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