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The Gods!
06-20-2019, 12:13 PM
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You have reached the page of The Gods! organization. 
The Recruitment page.

Wanted to join The Gods? Been like oh Ive seen this organization before, is it new? To be frank it's not it's been around lurking in the shadows, until we reached the leaderboard of one of the top richest Organizations from a dramatic jump of being in 22nd place to 16th place.
BrownieGod (STEAMID: STEAM_0:0:141180148 ) 

I will give you all the info you need to join!


To join our org, you can't just be any ordinary joe. You need:

- 100+ Hrs.
- Have a decent sum of money, "In order to support your self, in order to keep yourself at an easy advantage to earn your self more money, The sum of the minimum money required to join is from 50k - 75k Which is average.
- Knowledgeable of server rules, and you respect them.
- Have a decent Karma, like of 75 or higher.

Beware: These requirements only get bigger the higher ranked you are!


Now, if you read server rules, you know that stealing out of a Org's Vault is breaking them.
Even if you put money into the vault, you are under no circumstances allowed to take out
without BrownieGod or ChaoticGod's permission. We thank you for any donations you'd be
willing to give, but don't expect to always get all that money back immediately after. The vault is usually used for keeping money in check so you don't gamble it away, If you wanna store some money in the vault "Like a bank", you have to be Member+ or talk to one of the people who can manage the vault.


There are a few ranks in our org, so lets go over them!

On the bottom, we have the 
Recruits. They haven't transcended, so they aren't angels yet.

Then, we have the 
Angels. They are a low rank that helps out Gods protect bases, and
collect items/packages for the org, and are well respected if they do their job right. 

After that, the next stage is 
Demigods, the sons of the Gods. They are the people doing work
in the org, such as theft, robbery, assisting raids, things like that.

This is the rank which things get serious.
The Gods. They are the second-most well-respected
people in the Org. They have passed their tests as a
Demigod, and become a God. These roles
participate in Nexus Raids, General Base Building, and are very powerful.

Then, we have
The Chosen Ones. These are the most powerful, well-respected, and the
creators of this Org. They have almost unlimited power and are tasked with managing, protecting,
and keeping the Org running as it should be. They control everything org-related.

As you know, we are basically rising to the top right? The way we do it is we invest in many stocks and complete massive quest from !task. Simple ways to earn money, but we aren't very strick on basing, we don't just base for money we do it because it's fun. We will acknowledge a new person in our organization, and we hope you would do the same. We have alot of laughter most of the time and we goof around sometimes, But if you are looking for an Organization with characteristics of, Excitement, and Thrill to Divinity Roleplay, here is the Organization for you.

We would like to thank you for reading our article on The Gods! organization management, roles,
Vault information, and general purpose. We hope you consider joining, and or helping out our Org.

Thank you.

If you would like to join this org, Please comment below with this following format:

Roleplay name:
Why do you want to join?:

Thats it and thank you for taking your time to read this recruitment page!

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