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Important! Map Update + New Rules
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Welcome to the update thread for the Map, where we will be going over rule changes and what is changed in the map.

Map Update

Work on the map has gone through a few months development and has finally hit a release candidate that is bug free and satisfied with content, we've ran a private beta with the staff team with overwhelmingly positive support for the changes in the new map with almost no gameplay issues and are happy in it's current condition.

New Content

With a new update this map has been pushed more towards content than bug fixing, and while there have been numerous bug fixes and performance tweaks there is a slew of new expansions towards existing areas and small other additions.

This list will not show every change and you'll have to take notice yourself.

• Civilian Spawn's side windows have been opened up into a new shop.
• Civilian Spawn base has been emptied out, and a catwalk put on top of the second floor.
• Across from Civilian Spawn is a new building. (Nicknamed Vic Shop during testing.)
• Civilian Pawn Shop has been combined with the back garage making it all into one building.
• A church has appeared in the locked combine doors across from Civilian Garage.
• Civilian Spawn combine gate has been pushed back to allow for more room to build.
• The garage across Foto has been slightly extended to allow for more building space and symmetry.
• Apartments hallways have been slightly widened, and all interior apartments have been givem more space.
• Bakery has been split into lower and upper halves, and upper floors have been expanded for building space.
• The Z has been given a lighting update, along with a two-story new side room.
• Dr Alto Clef's theater has been ported over and modified for the current map.
• Souvenir has been given a second story and an expanded bathroom.
• Red Room above new bar has been opened up more to connect straight to the rooftop.
• Thug spawn locked combine doors have been converted into a three-story building.
• Drug Den of Thug spawn second floor has been cleared out to ease up building room.
• A brothel has been added to the end of the road next to Thug spawn.
• Pizzeria has had minor expansion to allow for more building space.
• Triple apartments in upper slums has been converted into one big room and gritty dark basement.
• Catwalk base had it's fence deleted to allow for users to use their own fences and buildings.
• Combine doors next to Catwalk base have been changed into a storage building.
• The event room has been given it's own lighting, with adjustable brightness and water levels for events.
• A few secrets have been added to the map, perhaps the lambda symbols will help you find one of them...?

Will my dupes work?

The majority of your dupes should work, however there may be some places that do not take full advantage of these expansions or even potentially block them off. It's a safe bet that you'll want to ensure your dupes are 100% compatible with the map change before trying them out, but generally the entirety of the map was not shifted or moved so their original locations should work almost flawlessly.

The most incompatible places will most likely be Theater, Brothel, Civilian Pawn Shop, and Bakery. Although there could be more places that do not mesh with previous dupes.

What about the SECRET on the trello?

You'll have to find out on your own! There is already a clue on the trello and a clue on the map.

When will see another content update?

This is the bad news of this entire update, a new content update is not possible with the current state of the source map that we possess as we're hitting a very hard limit and coming across common bugs that plague map development.

The tl;dr version is:

The source map is older than the server and possibly corrupt over the years, leading to strange lighting, vertex (Corners), brush (Walls), shadow, and other bugs that pop up over time.

The nitty gritty version is:

The source map comes from a very old version of RP C18 released back in 2008 and has been passed around through a numerous amount of people and gone through several versions on our servers, and while we still have the original raw source files it's potentially been corrupted by years of being used through different versions of hammer, potentially unstable versions.

Because of this we've run into strange quirks during map development such as shadows being cast in parts of the map that are fully lit, skybox lighting running anywhere it wants to such as Subway with no leaks, strange slivers in the map when the area or wall is completely patched up, corners of specific areas being unaligned or leaking into the world, walls or roads not popping up properly after being compiled, and a few other weird bugs that we keep encountering.

The reoccurence of these bugs makes us not want to continue work on this current version of the map due to it's inconsistent nature and the fact that we've hit a hard limit on how many brushes faces (wall sides.) that we can have in the map, in order to even consider reducing the amount of those we would need to look into cutting out a lot of fat or heavy usage of brush faces such as corners and archways, or otherwise areas that do not need to be in the map.

What happens now with the map?

With the limitations and issues regarding the map, the current map team and it's original members have come down to an agreement that we need to completely remake the entire map from the bottom up in order to alleviate any strange bugs from happening, this is not revamp of the entire map but rebuilding the map from scratch based on visual and brush work done inside of hammer.

This will not be an easy project for the map team which is why the map team is looking for help from others who have Hammer experience, if you're interested then you can contact a member of the map team for further discussion on how to proceed with this.

Who helped make this possible?

The original map team is: @ starshiptrooper @Grandad @Legacy

The current map team is: @Hanson @Legacy

This update would not be possible without the patience and dedication from @Hanson for contributing both in content and ideas on what to put into the map .

@Grandad for Hammer support and various input based on their extensive source and hammer knowledge towards our development progression.

@ starshiptrooper for their original performance release and hard dedication to fixing the map's previous performance issues.

@Legacy for being Project Lead and contributing towards the development process with ideas and content.

Please thank the people involved when possible as all of this was done on volunteer service and free time.

Rule Changes

Before work was put into the map the higher administration team has gone and pilfered through the majority of rule suggestions and finally began to clear out what should be accepted and what shouldn't, the new accepted rules will be posted here and the respectively accepted/denied threads will be cleared out shortly after this announcement.

Every one of these suggestions that got looked at was viewed and discussed by each Super Admin and Head Admin to ensure a proper decision was made.

It is important to note that we'll try to update the FAQ with some of these changes and get to existing FAQ questions that directly contradict these new rules.

New Rules

Mercenaries can now kill during raids if they are hired by a Pro Thief or Hacker.
The previous ruling of disallowing mercs from killing with a Pro Thief/Hacker made them useless besides base defenses, we feel there isn't going to be any issues regarding this rule and will benefit mercenaries more for those who want to sneak in but also have hired backup.

Hobotown can be placed in more than once location.
Previously hobotown only allowed for one location and that is hobo spawn, with the map update there is room for hobotown elsewhere and the following locations are now allowed for hobotown:
- Hobo Spawn
- Civilian Spawn combine gate
- Medic Spawn combine hate

Tollbooths have new locations.
Currently the ruling stands that tollbooths can only be placed down in red tunnel and after some discussion we don't see an issue regarding different locations such as:

- Red Tunnel
- Subway
- Red Corner (Upper slums)

However because of the nature of our map and how tollbooths work, only one tollbooth may be active in the map at all times.
Tollbooths must also lead to an open exit and not a dead end such as Hobotown being blocked off after the Tollbooth.

Fading doors may be used for hostage boxes in bases.
This has been a constant thing players have wanted and during discussion there was little reason not to include it for hostage situations, as long as it's clear that it's soley used for hostages and not used for raidables in any form then it is allowed.

Text to Speech is now in Roleplay.
People use TTS on a daily basis and sometimes use it to insult each other or try to warn each other, because it's in text we're considering it valid for roleplay and warnings now.

Mugs cannot be issued through PM's.
The current ruling of allowing mugs through a PM created a safety for the mugger but also a conflict in rules of defending an RP Related individual based on hearsay, to prevent the issue we disallowed PM Mugs overall.

CP can no longer warrant based on wanted status to check if the player is inside.
This is an old rule last seen talked about by Legend @JeffChase and while during it's time it was okay, in it's current form it conflicts with suspicioun rules and doesn't make sense with our set of server rules. This will no longer be a rule.

Government officials can no longer be demoted based on finding their owned printers.
As of right now CP and Mayor can be demoted if a player finds their printers and while normally this isn't an issue, it cannot be verified if only moderators are online and it brings up another meta issue of players hoarding printers soley to demote people they do not like, to alleviate this we are going to remove this rule and let players get the printers confiscated for an automatic want and potential demote for being autowanted.

Basing Changes

With the new map we've also been made aware of many basing issues regarding the meta and other players who abuse the lack of strict ruling or definition on what is and isn't allowed inside of a base, the collective staff team has started a discussion and the result of said discussion is a change to basing rules all together.

Before starting I will now issue what the server defines as a killbox:
A enclosure or passageway that forces raiders or defenders to go through in order to access parts of the base, and either party maybe killed from inside of it.

Whether crouching, hallway, standing, or otherwise. This is the sole definition on what a killbox is and will be the context for upcoming basing changes.

Roleplay doors may not be used in conjunction with Killboxes.
This means that you can not have roleplay doors be apart of your killboxes and be inside of them, forcing the player to lockpick them to pass or exit out of them.

Maze and maze-like defenses are not permitted.
The original rule stated that mazes are not permitted, this rule is to clamp players making back and forth walls to delay the player from getting inside of the base.

Guessing or guesstimating entrances are prohibited.
Players who force the player to figure out how to enter a base shouldn't be a thing and as per Rule 10 of !MOTD it should be obvious to how it operates, this includes getting onto the base as well. Any player should be able to get into any base, not with ease of raiding but at least ease of understanding.

Killboxes shall be boxlike and straight forward.
To ensure that it lives up to the term of Killbox we will be enforcing this rule heavily, as such it should be a box and be forward. Turns, curves or otherwise non-boxlike behavior is prohibited for killboxes. This is to ensure compatibility with Rule 10 of !MOTD that states bases should be obvious to how they operate.

Killboxes have a loose length limit of 2x6.
Many players keep asking us for a length on how long defenses should be and we're finally imposing a limit on what the player should be doing, a loose length of 2x6 will ensure enough walkway or crouching space for the majority of killboxes provided, the 'loose' part ensures that while we understand some players might exceed the limit they shouldn't be trying and we won't be completely strict about the size and understand if there's a ledge or otherwise small little extension for some reason. Staff discretion will ultimately rule this if it exceeds the limit.

Killboxes have a maximum limit of 3 per base.
We're imposing this rule to ensure players to not make lengthy killboxes soley for delaying the player and having it be a slog to get through a base, current base meta usually doesn't incorporate many killboxes but there have been extreme examples of players who use this to their advantage and make nearly unraidable bases, this is to clamp down on bases who use slog tactics to pad out and make a raid longer than it should be.


Q: Can I base inside of the SECRET?
A: Yes, it is intended for basing and roleplaying. If you can find it.

Q: Can I have more than one Hobotown?
A: Yes, this is subject to change if it becomes an issue down the road.

Q: What if there is more than one Tollbooth in the map?
A: This is a staff issue and the first tollbooth should be the only tollbooth.

Q: Can I provide a tollbooth for hobotown?
A: No, you can not create tollbooths as entrance fees or potentially dead ends.

Q: How many hostage boxes can I have?
A: You may only have 1, be creative with them.

Q: Can I use a button for my hostage box?
A: Yes, and there should be a keypad or button on the exit side too.

Q:Can I have a roleplay door be locked once you exit the killbox?
A:Yes, it's fine to have a door after the player has left the killbox fully.

Q: What is a loose limit?
A: Loose limit is a generalization of what the limit should be, allowing for a small amount of lee way.

Q: Are connecting killboxes considered the same killbox?
A: Yes, and they will count towards exceeding the length limit if they go past it.

Q: What about <Conflicting FAQ question with new rule>?
A: PM a super or head admin about conflicting rule statements if you see one.

Extra Information

And that seems to be the majority of things in this announcement, with this map update being complete the server development team is free to focus more on server content than map content at the moment and while there will be bumps and issues regarding these new rules changes it's important to address them as best as possible in a civilized manner.

It has always been fine to challenge the rules in a civilized manner if you do not agree with them but it's also important that we're people too and are open to understanding, how you approach the staff team with your concerns and views will help a long ways in understanding things.

Please be patient with newer players or those unfamiliar with these new rule changes as it will take some getting use to them on a global scale as not everyone will fully click with these new rules until it's been a while.


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08-11-2019, 04:13 PM
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Legacy congratulating himself for his hard work on the map.
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But for real, great job to everyone. This is an exciting update.

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08-11-2019, 07:25 PM
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>CP can no longer warrant based on wanted status to check if the player is inside.

Does this mean only if you're not sure if they're in there, can you still warrant if you 100% saw them go inside?

>Roleplay doors may not be used in conjunction with Killboxes.

What does this mean? Killboxes can't be near any doors, or just ones that are placed down? 

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08-11-2019, 07:36 PM
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(08-11-2019 07:25 PM)OldGoldie Wrote:  >CP can no longer warrant based on wanted status to check if the player is inside.

Does this mean only if you're not sure if they're in there, can you still warrant if you 100% saw them go inside?

the original rule was just to check if the player was inside or not. if you see them enter then yes you can warrant

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(08-11-2019 07:25 PM)OldGoldie Wrote:  >CP can no longer warrant based on wanted status to check if the player is inside.

Does this mean only if you're not sure if they're in there, can you still warrant if you 100% saw them go inside?

>Roleplay doors may not be used in conjunction with Killboxes.

What does this mean? Killboxes can't be near any doors, or just ones that are placed down?

If you saw them go inside yes, it's fine to warrant.

RP Doors shouldn't be used inside killboxes or used to leave them. If you have a door entrance to a base it's fine because it's not being used in conjunction with the killbox. 

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Can i join the trello `team` or is that a dev thing?

also, unsure about the secret, 238.
08-12-2019, 10:06 PM
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(08-12-2019 09:58 PM)Catt0s Wrote:  Can i join the trello `team` or is that a dev thing?

Dev thing.

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08-12-2019, 10:08 PM
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(08-12-2019 09:58 PM)Catt0s Wrote:  Can i join the trello `team` or is that a dev thing?

DarkRP Trello is only accessible for editing from Developers.

Map additions Trello is only accessibly for editing from Map Development team.

Both can be viewed by users though.

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Moved my question to questions

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