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Stripper's Mod App
09-26-2019, 07:13 PM
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I've updated my application and I hope all the people who have negative supported will reconsider. I really didn't say much than I already have in the comments, but alas I know that the community as a whole will make the right choice, regardless of if I am accepted or not. 
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a genuine app i think they should give you a chance. it would be nice to see new people on the staff team and see this server prosper agan :thumbs_up:
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First, full disclosure, I am biased towards Mr. Factory as he is one of my close friends. Regardless, I will provide some objective pointers on why this application should be accepted.

I. Mr. Factory has always been dedicated to this server in the broadest sense possible.

Mr. Factory has persisted in his love and dedication to the players of this server for many years. For instance, despite being close friends with me during the events of late 2017, he still remained on the server and did not want to give up on it, because he cared about the players. During his time playing on this server, he has always found creative ways to participate in, and advance roleplay initiatives, such as building intricate structures not unlike my own to further roleplay (e.g., ramen bar, pirate ships, etc). Mr. Factory has also actively engaged in basing, raiding, mugging, vending, and even advanced kidnapping plots with me, for no other reason than to engage the playerbase in entertaining roleplay. No player can deny Mr. Factory's passionate dedication to roleplay, which is an asset with the server's active roleplayers in decline.

Further, Mr. Factory has also dedicated himself to helping the playerbase. I personally recall Mr. Factory's brief tenure as a staff member, and he was wonderful. As far as I can recall, there were no complaints against him, and he was well-loved by everyone. Mr. Factory is a fundamentally relaxed individual who always sought alternatives to reprimand and punishment, and was always understanding with players. He is the same way now interacting with players: Mr. Factory is laid back, not quick to judgment, and helps when he can. I have no doubt that he will perform with the same leniency and understanding as a future staff member if this is accepted. 

II. Mr. Factory adds valuable new perspectives to the staff team.

It is no secret that Mr. Factory comes from a family of so-called "minges," e.g. Rommel, Xanthius. However, this is not a hindrance, but an enhancement. Currently, the staff-bubble is very much an echo chamber, with most players being close friends and sharing the same values and opinions on most staffing matters. This can result in a disconnect between the players and staff, when staff members do not have a deeper understanding of the playerbase. Mr. Factory will ensure that the voices of the underprivileged are heard and valued within the staff ranks, especially as he and his cohort understand the trials and tribulations of lengthy bans. He would ensure that staff are understanding and truly reserve banning as a last resort, as it can result in losing valued members of the community. 

III. Look to Mr. Factory's actions, not his words.

Mr. Factory is not a college-educated libtard. He does not seek to express himself in lengthy, superfluous terms, and is uninterested in writing meaningless tirades. He has made his application short as an attempt at grass-roots activism. He wants the playerbase to take a person's actions and reputations more seriously than their interpersonal connections and the puffery laced into their staff applications. Therefore, you should see this as a testament to his character, that he wants you to see his actions first, and his writing second. 

Accordingly, this administration should accept Mr. Factory's staff application because he is dedicated to this community, both in roleplay and in assistance, and he provides valuable insight from the under-privileged members of the community.
09-27-2019, 12:23 AM
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with the updated app then yeah ill support just don't screw up.

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i genuinely don't feel comfortable supporting you for staff. this app feels off to me and i really agree with others when they said that you should have put more effort in your app. yes i know you updated it recently but to me i think you should have put in the effort in the first place cause then that will show that you care about getting the mod position and no im not saying write an essay about it but to me it shows you diden't care till some one brought it up and if your not willing to put in effort the first time to make a good first impression then that tells me you will put the same effort in to staffing. i know you where staff before but that was a long time ago as i said before this app puts me off so its a no from me.-Duck


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09-27-2019, 03:53 PM
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+support this man is unemployed and needs a job badly
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+support for Mr. Factory. My concurring opinion to Spooky (also quoting what he has said elsewhere) is that the server's procedures must evolve to changing times. The original concept of what a staff application should be came from an era where we were continually getting massive playercounts, and with those playercounts came a large volume of staff applications from eligible candidates. Things are different on today's Divinity Roleplay. Most of our supers have remained consistent and many of our regular staff have stayed, but we receive a lesser volume of staff applications. Those whose doorsteps the decisions come to must no longer resort to reading through lengthy applications and making sure they prescribe to all of their checkmarks, maintaining a similar weight with this method and reports of the applicant's actual behavior on the server. Instead, supers may now take things on a purer case-by-case basis -- though this may take more work, it is far more effective in finding the right staff. Adhering to traditions regarding the application procedure has become superfluous.

What I am essentially saying is that the argument regarding that a short staff application is indicative of a lack of interest/willingness to put in work holds no merit. This is because it is not the work on the staff application that ultimately matters -- it is the work that someone has done for the server's health and the community's safety. Drawing back to Spooky's philosophy, judge Mr. Factory by his actions, not his words. There is no shortage of past applicants who had produced 5-paragraph essays for staff applications and proven to be unimpressive moderators, or were found to have been unhelpful or even detrimental to the server's wellbeing in their applications' replies.

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09-28-2019, 06:42 AM
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I guess I’ll +support. Please don’t make me regret it.

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09-28-2019, 09:48 AM
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I'm having a tough time with this.
On one hand, a part of me wants to just say fuckit and see how it goes. Either you do what you say you want to do and prove to people that there is still magic in the world, or you do something stupid and make it harder for people in a similar boat as you down the line. In reality, what's the worst that can happen?
Then on the other hand, as I kept reading through your application and the responses therein, I started feeling really uneasy. I don't know if it's the way your friends show their support, or if it's the way you responded to some of the negative responses, but it was all very off-putting.

In the end, if at least one other super is willing to give you a shot, then this response can be considered a +Support. Otherwise, I know Keebs has already kinda started leaning towards a no. So, whatever works.

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10-05-2019, 12:11 PM
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Due to new circumstances, staff applications will no longer be handled.

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