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fuckin ni

Operation: add nigga milk to div
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My LoL IGN: ShadowBlazer648

I play every lane, though I prefer top and mid. Here are my mains if you're curious:
Top: Dr. Mundo, Singed, and Shyvana
Jungle: Graves and Shyvana
Mid: Katarina and Viktor
ADC: Ezreal, Jhin, and Kog'Maw (Only with a Lulu)
Support: Soraka and Zilean

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When it comes to Chimps, the other games that unify us are Payday 2, GTA V (me personally, I don't have that game), The Ship, and Minecraft

I personally would play Hearthstone or Starcraft 2 on, but look at that Blizzard is being a bunch of literal chinks that suck the dick of Winnie the Pooh right now so yea no

On steam, besides the games I play with the Chimps and Gmod, I have Prison Architect, Sven Coop, and Blockland.
I had CS:GO and TF2 but I lost interest in those gamemodes and thus haven't played them in years.
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