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(10-08-2019 08:48 PM)Marijuana Mercenary Wrote:  Its not a complex story, there aren't big orgbases or edgy race jokes or anything, its just a nice little occurance that I think I'll always hold up as my favorite DivRP moment.

huh, i have favorite moments that are all of these things (except the edgy racism, unless you count stereotyping the italians as such)

my favorite divrp moment was literally the one time Super Gay, New Generation, and 71st Generation i think? (i dont remember the orgs that were involved but basically all the major ones at the time) all decided to base together one day at Pizzeria, and we had a fuckton of fun just blasting spiderman 2 music and using unconventional methods of pizza delivery to make our pizzer business grow
or when chimps and 71st establish a gangweed hangout in old bar and we are just discreetly growing not even a printer farm or hardcore drugs, but FUCKING weed in the back (similarly, when 71st built an investment company and I was rping as the illegal mexican immigrant growing weed in the secret attic of the build or when said attic became my public mayor's office and I become CEO of both the company and the city, merging corporation and state together)

my favorite non-basing rp moment was raiding Legacy and the Ducks' base in civ spawn. New Generation/Moniker Men got support from Jaysea (who was just starting out at the time)'s Super Gay and elements of Misfits to complete the raid against like only three to four people.

my favorite non-basing and non-raiding moment? uhhh that's hard. Theres a lot of moments I can list there: from the gutsystephen riots, to the #WeWantOurDickBack riots (i only had like 100 hours or less when I witnessed it and had no idea what was going on), or me and my orgmates chimping out spamming hashtags and causing riots whenever a friend of ours gets banned for 720 minutes. Theres probably a lot more memories I am probably forgetting about right now

my favorite actual wholesome moment? when Jazz Joyce and I went doc during the time when daily tasks were introduced, and we just kept shooting and healing eachother in hotel laundry over and over and over again just to complete the one task we both had: to heal a certain amount of HP with our medkit.
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spend many hours building tower for greviss then crash

come back to deleted props

greviss tell me to kill myself in steam messages

good times 10/10 experience 

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(10-06-2019 08:56 PM)Dr.Doggo Wrote:  God this fucking creature I made was the dumbest thing I think I've ever built. Those were the good times.

Awe shit might as well post some of the stuff I have.

anime bitches and clout gang > literally anything else

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Here is a very large screenshot dump of the many things I have taken pictures of on Div RP, you could say this is a cataloge of my amazing 2 year journey through Div RP


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I was drunk or on acid the time I was on here. I don't have specific memories. But I have general ones. Sort of like life they are bad and good. Bur we remember the good ones. I remember tripping off my ass playing this in high school when I would pretend to be sick. I remember playing this when my dad died. I remember playing this when I was hammered multiple times. It was good and bad times. And we were laughing the whole time.

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(10-09-2019 09:17 PM)thegunner3 Wrote:  I saw this happen maybe once or twice but I think the people who created this suddenly vanished from Div I dont really know who they were
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bro her voice was sooo fuckin hot dude fuuuuuuuck man

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(10-06-2019 11:40 PM)Danku-chan Wrote:  You're goddamn right.

title is misleading :/
that's phd's brother, everybody knows that.

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Son of a bitch I can't remember how to make the thumbnail appear

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Needed a place to store my memes while I clean booted the pc so eat me
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