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06-08-2014, 01:37 PM
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There is now a required format for asking questions in this sub-forum you can find it here: http://thedivinityrp.net/forum/showthread.php?tid=9695

please for the love of balls search for your question before asking it, we don't want multiple threads of the same question. I realize that may be unavoidable but please just look it up before posting, it only takes a minute.

You should also look through the original Q&A thread that ryan made, there are a lot of questions there that may pertain to a question you have.

Once your question is answered by a super your thread will be closed to show that the question was answered/resolved.

Please keep your post serious, since these threads will have questions pertaining to server rules we dont want any confusion to be caused by cancerous posts. Thanks for taking time to read this announcement, have a great day!

-DivRP Staff.

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