Divinity DarkRP
Players 7/128

Update #2
08-11-2013, 08:01 PM
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This is the discussion thread for Update #2

  • You now gain 1 karma for killing a Zombie in the Zombie Event
  • Karma is given when you give donations to a donation box
  • Keypads now crack faster for a hacker
  • Lockpick times for Professional Thiefs has been reduced
  • You can attempt to steal money from donation boxes with a lockpick
  • Donation boxes can now be frozen [anywhere]
  • New MoTD
  • Fixed bug where police were not being paid
  • Laws now show up after being updated
  • Removed 'delay' command from LAM
  • Everyone except arrested people can interact with jail doors
  • Removed automatic respawn
  • Added /re to quickly respond to a PM
  • As a hitman, scoping over someone as a sniper will show their name

Please report any bugs with this update here.
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