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03-20-2016, 10:26 AM
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   So for the people who came to the meeting last night they know already what this thread is about. Last night after the meeting we turned to a very serious point about suicide and depression when we spoke in memory of a fellow community member. 
As I watched everyone listen so respectfully and saw what was being said, it seemed a lot of people wanted to talk about their own feelings and experiences, so I decided to make suggestion that we have a group talk, where people can come and talk about things going on in their life in a safe and respectful environment in this community.  

So every second Saturday at 8:30PM EST we'll be having a group talk in the discord where people can come and get things off their chest, because many people in this community have grown to be like family. I understand that this can either work really well or turn into a serious shitfest so I’m hoping that this is taken seriously, because it is something that’s very serious and also something we don’t talk much about in this community. 

We all understand that this is a gaming community and people come to have fun, but some people have been here for years and think of this community as much more, and I feel they would enjoy the chance to be able to talk to the community about some personal issues. 

Ground Rules: 
Obviously we need to have some basic rules, since this is something very serious and we need to make sure people are being respectful and the people who are talking feel safe. 

1) Anyone who records/copies ect anything that is said in the group chat/voice, and then uses/post/spreads it around will be permanently banned from this community, which includes the forums and the server, if you wish to take advantage of something that is very serious, you will no longer be welcomed in this community, we will have 100% no tolerance for that, if you also use said information to make fun of or harass anyone about what was said, you will once again be permanently banned. 

2) If you're coming to the group decisions and you're just listening you need to know you're not a doctor, don’t go out telling people what meds, help they need etc. , you're here to listen when someone is talking, if they ask what you think you can for sure give an opinion but keep in mind that’s all it is, an opinion and dont give false facts/information to said person.

3) Never pressure someone to talk anyone will be able to speak, no one is forced to. If you don’t want to talk that’s perfectly fine you're welcome to just listen, we're not going to make anyone talk. If someone finishes, then they’re finished. Its up to the speaker how much they’d like to say and about what, we're not going to make them telling details they don’t want to talk about and also if they want any advice. 

4) There isn’t a set time you have to speak, which means this group chat can last as long as people have things they want to say, if you want to talk for an hour and the other person wants to talk for 5minutes that’s fine, if you wish to leave at any time in the group chat you're welcome to no one if forced to come or stay. 

5) There will always be staff during these group meetings, if I/staff see any harassment/disrespect/mocking ect you will be removed and banned right away, no warnings. As stated this is a very serious talk, if you can’t handle that then don’t come, it’s as simple as that. We're going to make sure people feel the safest as possible, and I hope you all do the same. 

As stated before there will be no transcripts or recordings of the group chat, if I find out there are or anything along the lines I explained you will be dealt with harshly, a lot of people are looking forward to this and Im hoping it works out because if it can help even 1 person, its 100% worth it. I feel a lot of people have dealt with things like this before (Depression/other things) so hopefully this is a good idea. 

So the first group chat will be Saturday 26th 8:30PM EST I will NOT announce on the server about this so if you want to come make sure to remind yourself, I will do 1 chat reminder in the shout box 30minutes before. Remind your friends if they want to come and spread the word, the channel will become locked at 8:35 so if you’re late, pm me and I will move you into it. 

Thanks for reading as always.
~DivRP Staff 
03-31-2017, 01:43 PM
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A couple weeks ago in a Community Meeting we discussed a few ways to make the Feels Meetings more safe. Obviously it goes without saying that if you breach the rules to the meeting the punishment is the same as it always been, that hasn't changed.

So from now on we will be locking both channels, and only the people who participate in the community meeting will be able to see the text channel. Also, if you wish to join the community meeting please make sure to do the following tasks to assure you're able to attend.

1) Link yourself to the forums (Message me on the forums once you have done so)
2) Message me if you plan on changing your nickname to stay anonymous (Discord, Steam, or Forums)
3) Let me know what you'd like to speak about if you plan on talking (If you just want to listen then you don't need to notify me of that.)
4) If your wishing for a certain player or players to not hear what you have to say, but you know they attended the meetings. Please notify me on that as well.

Please not that I understand these meetings were made for everyone who wishes to attend, but if you have a reputation in the community for malicious activity, you may be denied the right to attend the meetings. Further more, these rules may change over the following meetings, there may become more or less. We're just testing to see what works, obviously we cant promise that what you're saying during the meetings will remain 100% private so please only share with that in mind.

If you have any questions about the meeting, feel free to pm me. If I for some reason do not attend the meeting then all the messages and request will be set to the host and administrator of the meeting. Hopefully these new guidelines work and make sure we're all able to share in a safe and judge free place.

Anyone who has joined previous meetings you don't need to do all the following tasks, just let me know if you're attending and task 4.

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